Nava Wellness Diagnostic (+ Free Treatment for You!)

I have always wondered if I should give up gluten. Or dairy. Or eggs. Am I sensitive to these food types? I have given them up for weeks on end in the pursuit of wellness, but could never be sure if the effects made a difference in how I felt and looked.

And I have wondered about my thyroid, iron levels and hormone levels. My general practitioner says that I am overall in great health, but could I truly be better?

I have a cabinet full of vitamins and supplements. Whenever I read a book or an article lauding the health improving powers of a vitamin, I purchase it, take it for a few weeks…and gradually stop regular use. Which vitamins do I really need to be taking?

I know that so many busy parents wonder like this, but it is so easy to keep pushing ourselves to the bottom of our lists, as these health wonderings they seem like hard questions to answer.

That is why I was enthused to visit my local Nava Health and Vitality Center to review their Wellness Diagnostic services. Nava’s advanced Wellness Diagnostic services seek to reveal the underlying cause of your symptoms. The wellness diagnostic includes an adrenal function profile, micronutrient panel, food sensitivity and intolerance testing, and more.

I had heard about Nava Health from friends who had also undergone the Wellness Diagnostic, and I was eager to do a deep dive into my own personal health. I walked in the door of the North Bethesda Nava, located in the Pike & Rose shopping district, and was transported to a serene getaway in the midst of the urban cool.

I met with Kara Kelly, N.P. who immediately put me completely at ease. She explained the Nava philosophies and balanced integrative approaches to total wellness. She discussed how the information that Nava obtains in the Wellness Diagnostic is much more comprehensive than standard doctor’s office tests. We talked about my health concerns, which I always worried were pretty minute and standard for mothers my age, but Kara took completely seriously. From my acne, to my anxiety, to fatigue, to desire to lose weight, we talked about my seemingly healthy body that could use some fine tuning.

Kara was calm, open and extremely capable. I felt excited that I was going to have those “Am I still anemic? Am I gluten intolerant? Is my thyroid borderline slow?” questions answered…finally! After the consult, I headed to blood draw. The phlebotomist was a total pro, and the drawing of blood was quick and painless. We then set my follow up appointment for two weeks later, after the all the results were in.

The first words out of my mouth were, “Should I be gluten free?” and Kara laughed. We first went over my comprehensive metabolic panel results, and I was delighted to learn that most all of my nutrients were in balance and at the correct levels. The only vitamin I was low in was vitamin D, which is easily remedied (and I already possessed in my bloated supplement cabinet!).

We went over my thyroid panel, and all was working well. It felt great to wipe that wonder/worry off my list. We then went over my correct blood count with auto differentials results, and again it was a relief to learn that my results were fantastic…with no anemia! As someone who had been taking annoying (and constipating) iron supplements, wondering if I was tired due to anemia, this was a great information to receive.

We dove into my food sensitivities panel, which revealed the most surprising results: no allergies to gluten, dairy, eggs or the usual culprits, and no severe food sensitivities at all! It was so enlightening to realize that while processed white flour is never a good idea, I have no larger health reason to avoid gluten. The tests did find that I have a moderate sensitivity to coffee, which in hindsight makes total sense. When I am not drinking coffee, my skin is clearer and I am not as anxious, even though I tend to pour more coffee down my throat in tense times. Since receiving the results I have cut out coffee completely and feel so much better, and my skin is clearer, too.


The most telling portion of my diagnostic was my hormone results. Kara stated that she believed that I had adrenal fatigue, based upon the symptoms I had shared with her and my high DHEA-S level. She diagnosed this imbalance as a reason for my irritability and anxiety, and fatigue in the afternoons. She called me “wired but tired” and suggested some tools to help recharge my adrenal glands. The first step was an adrenal function supplement she recommended that Nava carried, and the second step was acupuncture. I made an appointment for an acupuncture treatment one week later.


I arrived for my acupuncture wound up and worried about work, acupuncturist Rachel made me feel at ease. I lay on the comfortable table in the spa treatment room, with relaxing music and smells making it feel very massage-like. As she evaluated my pulse, we spoke of my goals for less anxiety and my adrenal fatigue results. Then she went to work with her teensy needles. I am a fan of acupuncture, but it had been several years since my last treatment. I immediately fell into a relaxed fog that carried through the entire hour, and then the overall calm feeling followed me into my week. I definitely want to go back!

Acupuncture Therapy is one of the included treatments for NavaPreferred. The monthly cost to be a Preferred Client, $89, is essentially paid for by the free therapy you receive each month. You can choose acupuncture one month or massage or life coaching or other integrative, holistic health treatments the next. You also receive deep discounts up to 40% off on many other services and products. For instance, the comprehensive Wellness Diagnostic testing I received is $345, but discounted to $275 for Preferred. Acupuncture, massage, chiropractic therapy, facial peels and other treatments are regularly $140 each, but marked down to $89 for NavaPreferred.

Nava Wellness is currently offering a super deal for A Parent in Silver Spring readers: When you book a Nava Wellness Diagnostic, you can receive a complimentary therapy of your choice! Just call 1-800-762-6282 or your local Nava Wellness center and mention “A Parent in Silver Spring” or “Jessica McFadden in order to receive the free therapy with your Wellness Diagnostic purchase. 

I received a Wellness Diagnostic and a therapy of choice for review. 

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