Great Lengths Hair Extensions in DC from Hypnotic Salon Olney: Thicker Hair, No Damage

My hair was thinning. My stylist at Hypnotic Salon and Spa in Olney suggested natural, long-lasting hair extensions. I was freaked out that I would go bald. They lasted for five months and didn’t damage my hair or scalp. Here’s my honest review. 

Ever since I hit my forties, my hair has dramatically thinned. I look back with fondness on the hair I had when I was pregnant, and when I was in my twenties. As I fix Eve and Alice’s hair in ponytails, I am baffled of the thickness of their hair and how it is the thickness mine used to be.

When I have brought photos of desired haircuts to my beloved stylist Chrissy Westbrook of Hypnotic Salon and Spa in Olney, she has often remarked that the styles I have chosen are always for thicker hair. This summer she pointed out to me that instead of a new style, we could change my ‘do by adding extensions.

Immediately my mind conjured up Real Housewives‘ cat fights and Britney Spears putting hair back on her head after her midnight shave. I worried about looking as if I had doll-like synthetic hair obviously added to my head. But then Chrissy showed me patrons and stylists at the salon sporting gorgeous locks I had no idea were bumped up with Great Lengths extensions and tape-in extensions, expertly added at Hypnotic.

Most importantly, everyone’s natural hair was completely healthy and preserved with Great Lengths Extensions! Thanks to Chrissy and other Hypnotic stylist’s expert application and training, there is no damage to the hair or scalp! Great Lengths only sells their extensions to high end salons with stylists who have had the proper, extensive training. They are the highest quality extensions on the market.

I was all in.

First we had the all-important consult. Chrissy assessed my hair texture and color, and we discussed the results I wanted to achieve. As my hair is a natural dark blonde with highlights, she decided that two colors of blonde would work best for me, alternatively applied throughout. We also decided to have a full head of extensions applied, meaning I would have them throughout my head, from the back of my head to the nape of my neck and also on the sides. We decided to try a length slightly longer than my already-long layered style.

Chrissy custom ordered the Great Lengths extensions, and a week later they were in! We blocked off three hours for my appointment, although people with different hair textures may need more or less time. I arrived with freshly washed, product-free hair to save the time of washing and drying at the salon. I brought my laptop and was able to work during the application process. Thanks Hypnotic WiFi and latte service!

The application was relaxing and easy for me, although Chrissy was working hard the entire time. Chrissy took the strands as they arrived and then cut them into even smaller sections, so that the extensions would put less stress on my natural hair. Then she glued the mini sections to sections of my natural hair using the Great Lengths heat-activated glue in system. She alternated the two different colors of hair for the most natural look. The extensions themselves are natural, human hair that feels just like my own.

After all pieces were applied Chrissy cut my hair so that the extensions blended seamlessly with my natural strands. I was amazed. I finally had back the thickness of my hair from twenty years ago. I finally had the overall thickness that no blowout or product was ever able to provide.

The first days, I was very aware of the extension bonds. They felt a tiny bit tight and I had to be careful to only brush my hair with a Wet Brush that would pass over the bonds without pulling on them. But after a day or two this became second nature. After extensions, you must also use salon-quality shampoo, conditioner and products so as not to damage the bonds. I had already been converted to the importance of these products that I purchase at Hypnotic during special sales, and so I could continue to use my favorite Pureology shampoo and conditioner, and Redken styling foam and hairspray. I waited a few days to wash my hair so as not to disturb the settling in process.

I wondered if anyone could see the bonds, but they are expertly hidden from all angles. However, my friends and family noticed the change in my hair, although most were not quite sure what I had done. “Did you just come from the salon?” “Wow your hair looks great!” have been the most common comments. Of course, I have always told them about the Great Lengths Extensions from Hypnotic and Chrissy because the results are just spectacular. I part my hair to show them the pristine bonds and friends are amazed. They look so natural.

One unexpected benefit of the extensions is how much less time my hair now takes to style. Because I was self-conscious of my thin, fine, straight hair, I always, daily shampooed and conditioned in the shower and blew it dry to achieve as much fullness as possible. When I let it air dry or skipped a day of shampoo, I felt it looked too thin and drab. Now with the extra fullness I only have to wash it every 1-2 days, and on shampoo days I air dry. I love the beach-hair texture! This saves me 15-45 minutes each morning!

My extensions lasted for FIVE MONTHS. I had a partial highlight on my roots while they were in, and also had a cut on the ends towards the end of their wear to make the length of the exertions the same length as my natural hair. My bonds did not become tangled or matted. When it was time to have them removed, my natural hair is undamaged and continued to grow healthfully while the bonds My hair and scalp are healthy without any pulling or damage at the roots or application points.

The price is high. I receive a discount as a contract staff member for Chrissy, helping her with social media, but the price tag for the hair that is ordered plus the staff expertise time will cost you $500 and up. However, I found this to be a great investment for five months of great hair.

With the extra hair thickness, I overall look better. I feel more confident. I have the hair I’ve wanted for years.

I wish I had done this years ago.

Schedule your extensions consult with Chrissy at Hypnotic Salon and Spa of Olney today! Call 301.774.4777. I know you will be pleased! 

I receive a discount at Hypnotic but I purchase salon services, and have been a regular retail client since 2011.

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