1. Your longer posts on the calendar are getting cut off (the titles) even when you click on them. It looks like all the info is there when you click on it though.

  2. Trustworthy, Flexible Nanny Available!
    -Covered a gap for us for our now 4 month old for 5 weeks
    -Worked for previous employer with 2 young children for 5 years (reference available)
    -Very punctual, reliable, and responsive to requests
    -Friendly, warm and kind
    -Good fit for a baby but was also great with our 20 month old
    -Speaks and understands English well enough for clear communication with parents and children
    -Legally authorized to work in the U.S.
    -Does not drive but adept at using public transportation
    -Salary requirements $12+/hour
    Please email me (Gabrielle) at if you are interested and would like a reference. Cibele (pronounced like Sybill) can also be reached directly at (301) 385-8748

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