Dim Sum by Tech Savvy Mama

One of our favorite things to do on a weekend is to go out to dim sum. Dim sum is like the Chinese version of Spanish tapas with a meal comprised of a collection of small dishes. The only difference is that the dishes roll by your table on carts and you can select whatever suits your appetite. A dazzling array of treats await as dim sum servers lift the lids off metal steam baskets.

One of the best things about dim sum, besides variety, is the aspect of instant gratification. Gone is the wait for your food to appear at your table. Appetites of hungry children and adults alike can be satisfied practically as soon as you sit down to the table. Steamed meat dumplings, sticky rice, baked pork buns, and rice noodles wrapped around shrimp parade by on carts that also serve as dinner theater for our preschooler and toddler.

With Lunar New Year beginning this Wednesday, February 7th, celebrate the beginning of Year of the Rat by visiting or revisiting Silver Spring dim sum restaurants. Hollywood East, Oriental East, Good Fortune, and Silver Fountain feature dim sum served on carts during the weekend. Dim sum is available for order during the week at Hollywood East and Oriental East but you will need to make your selection off of a dim sum menu, rather than the carts.

Other ways to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year include visiting the Silver Spring Library this Saturday for their Chinese Lion Dance. While you are there, check out some of our favorite books including Yum Yum Dim Sum, Dim Sum for Everyone, Bringing in the New Year, Sam and the Lucky Money, and My First Chinese New Year.

Leticia (aka Tech Savvy Mama) is a Chinese American dim sum connoisseur. Her preschooler loves any dim sum with shrimp and 18 month old toddler enjoys steamed beef meatballs. Please send any comments or suggestions for content to techsavvymama at g mail dot com

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