Searching for Child Care or Finding your Mary Poppins by Tech Savvy Mama

I admit it. I have not always been at stay-at-home-mom. When my oldest was 18 months old, I ran into my boss who offered me the fabulous opportunity to come back to work on a part time basis. I thought I was ready to go back to work. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks that I had to find someone to care for my little girl. Not just someone. Someone who was licensed, caring, wonderful, nurturing, engaging…basically just like me but perhaps a little more like Mary Poppins.

Whether you are a SAHM, WAHM, PTWM, or a WM, a time may come where you have to find your Mary Poppins. I was not ready to leave my little girl in someone else’s hands. Nor was I ready for the daunting search for child care providers. Luckily I found some wonderful resources that I feel compelled to share because they helped in my search.

Montgomery County Child Care Resource and Referral Center’s LOCATE Child Care allows you to search for licensed child care providers near your home, job, or your child’s school. To get a list of phone numbers of child care providers that meet your criteria instantly, conduct a search through their website. If you would like personalized service, you can also call a counselor at 240-777-3130 between 9-3 pm who will aid you in the process of selecting the best type of child care for your family.

LOCATE also has an enhanced service for families of children with special needs. This service provides trained counselors who work with families of children with special needs such as developmental delays, behavioral issues, physical/medical conditions, etc. Call LOCATE at 1-800-999-0120 for referrals.

Montgomery County Child Care Resource and Referral Center’s website also has other useful links such as types of child care, considerations when looking for care, visiting and evaluating programs, what to look for in a provider, and a list of questions to ask in a phone interview.

Montgomery County Child Care Resource and Referral Center is also hosting a free session called “Choosing Quality Child Care Parent Conversations” on Thursday, March 27th from 7-8:30 pm. This workshop will address topics such as the steps to finding child care, transitioning your child to the child care setting, child/parent/caregiver relationships, and will provide child care provider and parent perspectives. Call 240-777-3072 to register.

You may be one mom acronym or another at this very minute, but your situation may change. So file this blog post away in the back of your mind and revisit it when you find yourself needing your Mary Poppins.

Leticia (aka Tech Savvy Mama) is forever grateful to have a Mary Poppins whose name is Mayra. Mayra doesn’t have an umbrella, British accent, or carry a large satchel filled with goodies but is the most patient person Leticia has ever met. Oh, and Leticia gave up her great job when her second child was born and decided to blog instead. Please send any comments or suggestions for content to techsavvymama at g mail dot com

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