Get A Sitter: Olazzo in Silver Spring for Date Night, Martini & Wine Specials

Olazzo in Silver Spring was an unexpected gem, and trust me, I have waited several days for the martini buzz to wear off. My husband and I had a spur-of-the-moment date night thanks to Grandma, and I had read on a lovely neighborhood list serv that Olazzo offered good drink specials and yummy fare. And boy, do they. Not only are bottles of wine 1/2 price on Mondays and martinis only $5 on Tuesdays, the pasta entrées are divine.

We started off the Tuesday night with a bang and each ordered a martini. From the extensive choices, we chose the Olazzo (me), a heavenly concoction of raspberry Stoli, cranberry, pineapple and red wine, and the classic Dirty (him.) Both were tasty and stiff, the perfect and difficult-to-achieve combo.

We moved on to dinner and greedily learned that all entrées are served with a green salad and freshly baked bread. He ordered the linguine with clams, and our gracious server recommended that he go for the white wine sauce. I chose the shrimp rose, penne and shrimp sautéed in a tomato cream sauce. (Yup, it was rich – when I actually get out of the house, I go big.) We shared a big hunk of classic tiramisu, and throughout the meal enjoyed a perfectly chilled bottle of Bogle Chardonnay, which was priced well for a restaurant in Montgomery County.

Indeed all of the prices at this glamorous but still neighborhood-feeling restaurant were very reasonable – no dinner is more than $16 if, like us, you skip the antipasti course. My husband and I also loved that the pasta was so delicious, since it is not something we usually order when out.

Call a sitter or swap with another family and get thee to Olazzo. Tell them APISS sent you.

UPDATE: The exact same I week that I visit Olazzo Silver Spring, so did The Washington Post‘s Eve Zibart. I echo her very positive review and feel in great company!


  1. I’ve been to the one in Bethesda- and I loved it! Thanks for the heads-up and good info- as always!

    Also- a thousand thank yous for including me in the ride to our fun friday night!

    I owe you 🙂

  2. Justice Fergie says

    sounds delish. i can’t wait to go!

    and now, more importantly, where did you get that capelet you wore? it’s so pretty!

  3. You had me at Raspberry Stoli. I swear, I am not an alcoholic.

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