Get a Sitter: Piratz Tavern in Silver Spring

hot rocker pirate (he's taken)

Maybe you have already gone out to eat at Piratz Tavern with your children and laughed as they enjoyed peg legs and eyeball sundaes. Maybe your family has already had a riotous evening exclaiming “arrrgh!” and “shiver me timbers!” between bites and checking out the sea-dog decor. Maybe you have read the diverse reviews of the restaurant and food. If you haven’t yet been to this independently- owned pirate-themed restaurant, I think all DC-area families should go at least once. Like every establishment with a shtick and cheese, you either dig it or you don’t. The prices are a bit high compared to other cartoony places, but it’s definitely worth it for any kid in the midst of a pirate obsession.

However, I am here to tell you that if you are in a parenting zone where you can leave the kids with a sitter in the evening after dinner, the Piratz Tavern is a great watering hole, meeting place and casual date for grown-ups. There is an outdoor patio where you can enjoy the fine spring weather, great pub grub and some very stiff three-rum-and-ginger grog. The crowd is relaxed and fun loving. Check out events like the Friday night music of the Pirates of the Drunken Ferret and belly dancers.

glug glug

If you sometimes wear a cravat and your favorite bevvie is a spritzer, maybe the new wine cellar of Mrs. K’s is more your speed. But if you think telling random strangers to walk the plank is funny and you’re down with acting out a modern version of Sailor’s Holiday, belly up to the bar at Ye Piratz Tavern and cure ya scurvy me hearties!

(I know, that blew. I need more practice.)

see that look?  he thinks I am funny.


  1. Kimberly says

    That looks like so much fun!!

    Mrs. K’s is my Nana’s favorite place, BTW. 🙂

  2. I have got to take Michael there. he loves Pirates. I never knew it existed.

  3. I didn’t know this existed either- I’m going to try it out with little Conor!

  4. Justice Fergie says

    this is right on time! my girls are in the middle of a pirate obsession THIS WEEK. they keep walking around the house with one eye closed screaming “AAARRRRGGG!”

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