BlogHer, Katie Couric, Road Trips & APISS?

Next week I’m heading to the annual BlogHer conference for women who write online. I’m hoping to learn how to make A Parent in Silver Spring a better website for you, how to be more informative, user-friendly, precise, fun.

Is the BlogHer conference of interest to you? Would you like to hear about it? Maybe you’re thinking of starting a blog, or just interested in new media. Maybe you’ll find stories of my dancing on a table shotting tequila with Arianna Huffington amusing. (Not that this will happen, but if you read regularly you know I don’t leave home without my Canon.)

Or should I just keep on rocking the posts with the local, community interest angle? How far should I reach – the DC Metro Area, Montgomery County or simply the 20901-10 zip codes? Should I keep the mommy blog hooplah and my personal voice and musings to a minimum? Are personal adventures and foibles of interest to readers? I am going to explore that clinically next weekend, how to best serve the people that read a local website for parents, but I really would like your thoughts.

What do you want APISS to do for you?

And on that note, I leave you with the newest cheerleader of the women’s blogging community, Katie Couric. She guests posts on the DC/SV Metro Moms Blog, where I write the majority of my personal essays on parenting, and Katie is getting the BlogHer party started:

The website that Katie talks about is the Silicon Valley Moms Blog Road Trip of five blogging mamas that are driving cross-country to BlogHer. The road tripping moms include Devra and Sarah, two amazing DC writers that are an utter crack up. It is sure to be an interesting week watching them do the drive. Subscribe to the feed.

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