Get A Sitter: Downtown Silver Spring Bars

bar map

I’ve received a fair amount of e-mails of bewilderment and judgment for my posts on local bars on this family-focused website.

I would just like to say that of course you shouldn’t drink and drive, drink while pregnant, drink if your personal beliefs or health or history make this a bad idea, or drink (heavily) while supervising children. Alcohol should be imbibed responsibly and it is a very personal choice. This website is about kids, but for parents.

That said, sometimes parenthood can drive you to drink.

I have received many more e-mails asking for recommendations of bars for thirsty parents. So, in addition to my Get A Sitter Going Out Guide in the left-hand sidebar, I’ve put together a Google Map of my fave drinking destinations. Yes, I’ve labeled it the Silver Spring Bar Crawl, but seriously, don’t try to do them all in one night…

Without me.

Drink Responsibly

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