Get A Sitter: Quarry House Tavern

Sometimes the perfect date night isn’t all romance and roses, fanciness and fuss. Sometimes the hottest night starts off with a burger, Beastie Boys on the jukebox and beer…lots of it. If you agree, then The Quarry House Tavern is a great get-a-sitter destination.

The burgers were voted the best in the DC metro area by Washington City Paper, and as you can tell from the menu, they’re the food focus, along with sandwiches, bar bites and veggie options. There’s live music, usually rockabilly, every Saturday night and some Fridays in the back room for a $5 cover. On other nights, bring some fresh dollars for the juke.

This Silver Spring institution has a decidedly younger vibe than when I moved to the area in 2003. In late 2005 Quarry House was taken over by the owners of Jackie’s and given an injection of hip. Some like the updates, others prefer the unstudied uncoolness of before. Myself, I prefer the new Quarry House. On a night out of the house I’m looking for a place with some energy, as opposed to hanging out like Norm a la Cheers. But don’t worry, I haven’t yet caught a whiff of frat or pretension.

booze, glorious booze, even in the MoCo

The massive beer list, or Beericulum Vitae, is arguably the best in the DC area. Unlike the Brickskeller in Dupont Circle, Quarry House will actually have that obscure Flemish ale calling your name. (I lived less than a block from the Brickskeller for three years and think the most obscure beer I ever succeeded in obtaining there was a dusty Blue Moon.) The Quarry House rotates a slew of great beers on tap too. I’ve heard the whiskey selection is also out of this world, but I have not personally tried. As a mom, I have to be able to function the day after I get my drink on.

After a week in the trenches with the kids and at the office, the dude and I don’t need to hold hands over a starchy white table cloth. Cheap wood paneling and acoustic ceiling tiles can actually be an aphrodisiac, along with a pint. Or four.

2 dorks walk into a bar and find true love

The Quarry House Tavern
13 steps down in the basement
at 8401 Georgia Ave. at Bonifant
Downtown Silver Spring, MD 20910
Open Sunday – Thursday from 5pm till 1am
Friday-Saturday from 5pm till 2am


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