Thank you all for the kind comments. I will pass them along to Vivi’s parents at an appropriate time, and they may be reading them and finding comfort.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Vivienne Esme Martin, but Vivi’s mother and father are very dear to our family. As fellow parents, it is impossible to comprehend the gravity of the loss of a child. Feeling powerless grief for Vivi’s parents’ pain, all I could think to do was let other people know her story.

If you would like to help, please pray for Vivi’s parents. Their faith is strong, their courage is incredible, but send all of your spiritual energy to the comfort of this young couple. They miss her so much.

You can also help in the fight to cure very young children with ATRT and other cancers by donating to St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital. Vivi’s mother Mary writes,

St. Jude is a wonderful place, and as I keep mentioning, does not charge families anything for the care and treatment of their children. It costs St. Jude about $1.3m per day to operate, with only about $100,000 reimbursed by insurance. Our time in Memphis was full of hope, positivity and marked primarily by joy, and many people at St. Jude contributed to this with kind, compassionate nurses, the best and most caring doctors and all levels of other staff that put the CHILDREN first, all the time.

If you donate, email me and I will personally match you or find an advertising sponsor to match your donation. I will also donate all ad revenue earned in February in Vivi’s name to St. Jude, so just by clicking here or reading via feed you have helped a bit. Please don’t congratulate me, for the sum will be small and so much, much more is needed.

These posts have been intended to honor and remember Vivienne Esme Martin, an angel baby and beloved little bunny who lived, loved and brought her parents such joy, as well as inform other parents of the urgency to help children with cancer.

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