Women’s Boot Camp & Woman of the Week Rachel Posell

Rachel Posell

Last spring I attended my friend Rachel Posell’s women-only outdoor workout session once and I got my ass kicked. In a great way. Because personal trainer and fitness goddess Rachel, and the women that have been working out with her for a long time, may be lean, but they ain’t mean. They are encouraging and their toned muscles and flat abs are inspiring. This spring, I want to be one of them. You can too!

On Monday and Wednesday mornings starting Wednesday April 15, Rachel will be leading us in runs, sprints, lunges, stairs, abdominal work, push ups and other exercises for an hour of work that is sure to gain results. The classes take place at Rock Creek Hill Park (sometimes called Saul Road Park) in Kensington from 6:15-7:15am. The last class is Wednesday May 27 and the class does take Memorial Day May 25 off. It’s $144 for 12 classes.

That’s just $12 a class for the specialized attention of am amazing personal trainer combined with the fun and community of a group exercise class. (And I’m writing this because I truly feel it’s a fabulous workout and price – I’ll be paying my own hard-earned $144 for the bootcamp too.) All participants need to bring to class is a mat or towel, a bottle of water and a can-do attitude.

Rachel is a certified group exercise instructor and personal trainer, with specialized certifications in Spinning® and Pilates. She has been teaching group exercise since 1985 and has been a personal trainer since 1994. For seven years she was the owner of Work it!, an exercise studio in Washington, DC. Rachel has been featured in The Washington Post, Allure Magazine and was chosen by Vogue Magazine as one of the nation’s top 50 personal trainers. Rachel is also the mother of three, a freelance fitness writer and gives presentations to fitness professionals and enthusiasts.

Rachel says, “I work with all ages, sexes, shapes and sizes. but having three children of my own has given me great insight into how to fit exercise into the crazy, mad and overwhelming life of moms.” What Rachel is too modest and chill to say, “Even though I’ve had twins and another baby in the past five years, I have the body of Sienna Miller. I am the queen of the DC fitness community. Oh, I’m hilarious and a joy to be around, even when I’m helping you work off your muffin top.”

Want to sign up and join us in Kensington at sunrise on Tax Day, April 15? Need a personal trainer to come to you at a time of your convenience? E-mail Rachel at rachel@posell.com or give her a ring at (202) 329-6762.

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