Good Stuff Eatery on Capitol Hill: Kick Ass, Kid Friendly

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Disclaimer to those that have emailed me that they oppose bloggers receiving swag or parents that use mild PG-rated profanity in blog posts: In this one? Right below? I got free food and drink and I had a great time! And I write a positive review about entities that supplied said freebies! I also use a cr-ass word for a donkey as many times throughout as possible! You have been warned.

Last week Chef Spike Mendelsohn of Top Chef fame, Devra of Parentopia, Sarah of Sarah and the Goon Squad and Quaker Oats invited a passel of women bloggers in the DC area – many of them DC Metro Moms, some of them blogging badass friends of the DCMMs – to Spike’s fabulous new burger joint o’ love, Good Stuff Eatery.

And not only did we eat and drink and laugh our asses off, Quaker made a donation in the DC Metro Moms’ name to the Capital Area Food Bank, an incredible non-profit feeding the local hungry.

Oh man, the place sure lives up to it’s name. And not just because Chef Spike brings the good stuff in that sexy sweet skinny bike messenger bad boy way that women everywhere find irresistible. (Wow, that sentence officially outed me as a dirty old lady…Hubs honey? Can you turn up the AC?)

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Here’s Devra looking all juicy and cozy with hot Spike. Bitch.

The place is aptly named Good Stuff because it is exactly the stuff that I would request if I were on Death Row and had to choose my last meal.

Perfect burgers – cow, turkey and veggie. No wonder Spike won Rachael Ray’s burger bash. I went with the vegetarian portobello cheeseburger and it was incredibly burger-like in that it was substantial and juicy and heavenly….without the red beef taste or texture thing. However, I am not a vegetarian, and so I willingly accepted bites of free range turkey burgers and Blazin‘ Barns proffered by generous friends. They were all THE BEST burgers I have tasted in my life (probably the only burger that’s come anywhere close was from foodie mecca Zuni Cafe in San Francisco.)

All burgers include farmer’s market produce piled on these buttery rich buns, and various selections offer bacon, cheese, chili, onion rings and other delicacies. Each burger is the perfect compactly put together 1/4 lb. portion – no weak ass 1 lb. burgers that give you an award for finishing and angioplasty need apply. And the price of these premium burgers? Burgers are just $5.49 – $6.89 each.

I also ate my weight in Spike’s Village Fries, heavily seasoned rustic fried potato mini-wedges dipped into various hot ass and delicious dips from the mayonnaise bar. The Old Bay mayo was my fave. French fry nirvana: $2.59-$3.79

Many of my partners in crime were having dessert drink happy spasms thanks to the hand-spun milkshakes in flavors like toasted marshmallow and classic black and white, but I couldn’t go there. Since I’m trying to work out, I had to save my third indulgence for something that yes, I’ve had before many times, but it just went down so perfectly with all of the above after a day with the kids: Blue Moon. On tap. 20 oz. servings for $4.50. Pints $3.50. Yeungling Lager also on tap for same price; Sam Adams and Red Stripe bottles $4.

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How does Spike keep the prices so low in the heart of the city after wooing the world on Top Chef? He hands you your meal in a crisp white paper bag and has you seat and bus yourself. You get the best food ever and don’t have to pay a penny extra for pretentious service your ass doesn’t need. The whole place feels like a party even on a Monday night, especially when everyone’s eagerly waiting for their food. The best part of waiting around for a few minutes on my burger and beer was chatting with the cashier and bartender, Spike’s charming dad Harvey.

This casualness is ideal for families, and many kids age newborn to tween were in attendance. It’s definitely a bring-the-kids place. It’s also a great let’s-save-our-cash-for-a-vacation date night destination before you bar hop along Cap Hill’s Pennsylvania Ave…or you could hit Good Stuff in your formal wear before or after some chichi ass outing.

My Silver Spring ass will SO be hauling ass along North Capitol Street in the minivan in pursuit of more Good Stuff ASAP. Want to come with me? Get your ass over here! It took me 25 minutes door to door at 7pm, and I easily found free parking on the street directly in front of the restaurant.

Here’s the full menu of Good Stuff Eatery. Warning: you will drool.

Good Stuff Eatery

303 Pennsylvania Ave S.E., Washington, D.C. 20003 MAP

Join the Good Stuff Facebook Group

Hours: M-Sat. 11:30am-11:00pm. Closed Sunday. No Reservations

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Photos courtesy Parentopia, and Lil’ El, aliciagriffin, rubyshoes on Flickr.


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