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Last week I spoke to Karen Goldberg Goff of The Washington Times on a story of how parents help each other out during the summer months for playdates and babysitting. Also quoted are the incredible Devra Renner of Parentopia and the admirable Lenore Skenazy of FreeRange Kids. I love thoughtful features like this on parenting strategies.

Getting Through Summer Requires Cooperation on Kids
By Karent Goldberg Goff
In movies and memories, summer is the season of lazy days and lightning bugs, Popsicles and playgrounds. In reality, it’s the season of cooperation. Camp can only fill in so many days. The rest of the time it is “you take mine/I’ll take yours” season for many moms. In other words, without that village of kid swappers, you’d never get a minute of peace or a trip to the store without your three little ones.
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