Woman of the Week: Jean aka Stimey of Stimeyland.com

How many times have you heard,

“What camps have you signed your kid up for this summer?”

Most of us hem and haw our answers, fearing that the other parent will judge us for

1) not signing our kid up for anything other than a long date with Dora and the neighborhood park


2) farming your child out to every week-long soccer, synchronized swimming and Star Wars program across three states.

How about if you turned the entire concept on its ass and developed your own curriculum of adventure and fun for your children? That’s exactly what Jean, otherwise known as Stimey of the outrageously popular mom blog Stimeyland.com, did for her three sons this summer.

She created CAMP STIMEY.

For the second year in a row, Stimey has created a fun, structured way for her and her guys to stay busy, spend time together but not be so overworked and scheduled that they miss out on just playing with their toys or tag in the backyard. She writes,

“In an effort to provide consistency and structure to our summer, I planned activities around a theme every week…it works for my family because Sam craves these kinds of activities, Jack needs these kinds of activities, and Quinn will just sort of doo wop along with whatever his brothers are doing.”

How rad is this?

Not only do Jean and I toss back beers at DC Metro Moms Blog events [follow that link for Jean’s hilarious and hard-hitting parenting posts,] but Charlie, Eve and I run into Sam, Jack, Quinn and their parents at fun stuff all over the DC area. We always feel like we’ve sighted celebrities when we spy Jean and the crew at the Natural History Museum or local park.

Invariably I’ll write about something “new” my kids and I just discovered, to hear from another mom “Oh, didn’t Stimey do that last year?” The answer is always yes – Stimey is the reigning local queen of finding tons of fun things to do with her family. Stimey and her brood are veterans of a fab trip to the recycling center and she reported on the awesome of Lake Needwood months before my hack job for the Post.

(As we’re both mom-blogging denizens of Silver Spring, I’ve also been mistaken for her or thought to be her sister, and we’re both blondes from California that went to Cal at the same time. Single White Female! How does she know I didn’t follow her out here? Jean should be very afraid.)

Anyways, enough of my stalking, if you’re feeling burned out this summer and looking for innovative stuff to do at home or out and about with the kids, go straight to CAMP STIMEY for new ideas and follow her Twitter stream for live blogging of the family fun!

Thanks so much for your writing and amazing parenting Ms. Stimey. For your contributions to the Internets and local ‘rents, you are crowned A Parent in Silver Spring’s Woman of the Week!

Photo stolen from Jean of her and Annette at the Mommy Needs A Cocktail Party at BlogHer


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