BlogHer Room of Your Own Panel Proposed on Resource Blogging – Please Vote for Us!

This summer I’ll again be attending the BlogHer conference to connect with other women who blog and learn about how to make this website even better for you all (and, OK, I won’t deny it – I’m also going to have one heck of a girls weekend.  But it’s mainly for the improvement of A Parent in Silver Spring and for you guys.  Really.)

I’ll be rooming with three gorgeous women who also write resource blogs, live in the SS, are mothers and about two thousand other things we have in common.  They are

We’re all passionate about using blogs to share information with others.  Whether we’re writing about activities for families, appropriate technology for families, autism awareness and events, support for mothers fighting cancer or women scientists in male-dominated fields, we’re all online A LOT because of our passions.

So we’ve thrown our hat in the ring to host a Room of Your Own at BlogHer on resource blogging.

We will not be paid for this or compensated in any way.  Heck, we’re all paying our own way to the conference, fueled by our excitement to make our websites better and communications more effective (and drink flavored vodka.)  Rooms of Your Own are different that formal speaking gigs at BlogHer – they’re more a space designated so attendees with a common interest can come together and learn.

Rooms of Your Own are determined by votes.  If you’re already a registered reader, member or user of, please vote for us here.

If you’re not familiar with BlogHer, a quick registration would be mondo-appreciated so you can vote. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own blog, oh my gosh, this site is such a great free resource!   And the contributors to are top notch.  Warning – you’ll be sucked in reading here all day.  It’s top-caliber writing by amazing women…and some men too.

Here’s the official text we submitted:

Resource Blogging – Serving Communities One Post At a Time

As blogging has gained momentum, more individuals and groups are seeing it as an effective, powerful means to communicate information communities need.
Many BlogHer attendees have started blogs

  • to serve their local communities
  • assist persons online with whom they share a circumstance or concern
  • or fill an information void through the power of the blog

Some of us are established bloggers with separate resource blogs begun after learning of a need through our personal blogs, such as Mothers With Cancer, which grew out of the support needs Susan Niebur and 20 other mothers with cancer identified as they blogged their own battles with cancer on their personal blogs. Others are mission-based bloggers who joined the blogging world when we had an idea and saw blogging as the ideal communication tool for our communities, such as Tech Savvy Mama, Leticia Barr’s website which she started to help parents navigate technologies for their children.

However all resource bloggers are driven by a desire to teach, build networks, and create support systems in their own areas of interest. Resource blogs are started not necessarily because of a personal need to write and create, but a need to serve.

Resource blogger Jessica McFadden of A Parent in Silver Spring, a local website that has gained national attention for providing information for parents in the Washington DC area, will be facilitating discussions on how individuals can launch their own effective and easy public relations campaigns to reach their communities and the media.

This Room is not about blogs as businesses, or resource blogs that have primarily entrepreneurial and profit-based goals. (Although discussions of ad revenue, personal gratification, or professional opportunities that grow out of resource blogs may be appropriate.) Let’s gather to discuss and highlight the biggest, most important rewards of resource blogging: effectively impacting and connecting with our communities.

Passion for our resource topics, and effecting positive change in our communities is what brings us back to the keyboards, day in and day out.  Let’s talk about why we do it, how we can do it better, how we can better reach our communities, and brainstorm with and support those BlogHer attendees thinking about beginning their own resource blogs.

If at the end of the session new URLs are born that inform and serve others, oh (wo)man, how awesome would that be?

More Great ROYO proposals:

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Again, thanks for voting!

We now return to your regular scheduled programming on what to do with your kids.

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