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Are you a stay at home mom or dad, either full or part time?  Do you live in Silver Spring, Wheaton or Kensington and are you looking for a wonderful, warm group of parents and kids?    Then look no further and join the Wheaton Area Moms (WAM.)

WAM is an independent support group for moms and dads.  The group plans activities for the member parents and kids, and most activities are held on weekdays, when at-home parents need the most support.  The group can help you find a weekly play group,  provides monthly mixers and meet-ups, and schedules other activities for the parents and kids.  (Because while the A Parent in Silver Spring calendar can give you some outing ideas, it’s also great to know you’ll see a friendly face at that nature center puppet show when you arrive!)

WAM also has a Babysitting Co-Op – perfect for stay at home parents that can never find a sitter when they have a wedding to attend or really need to get their groove on, Recipe Exchanges – perfect for home chefs making the same darn dishes every week, and Moms Nights Out – perfect for moms that need to go out once in a while without a diaper bag and order something other than chicken nuggets.

I personally know about five of the members of WAM.  They are hands-down the first chicas I would want to be my buddies if I were new to the area or parenthood and looking for friends. Heck I’m naming all members of WAM the Women of the Week here on APISS, they’re so radtacular.

And as someone who literally wandered around Silver Spring and DC for six months with a huge smile and an adorable baby, hoping that I’d randomly make a mom friend (since I knew zippo other women in the area with babies), it wasn’t until I joined a moms’ group when Charlie was seven months old that I broke out of my solitary existence.  Yup, me, the busy body who’s always bossing you around on what to do with your kids was fellow-mom friendless. I met all my pre-mom friends for drinks and brought Charlie along (“Look at you!  You have a baby…in a bar”), and sat on my front stoop all dressed up with my baby on my lap waiting for my husband to pull into the driveway at the end of the day.  Pathetic.  moms night out

After I found my moms’ group?  My husband Chris would come home most days to an empty house since I was off yucking it up at one mom’s house or another or at a park with my pals.  (“Sorry honey, I have no freaking clue what’s for dinner…isn’t it awesome?”)  Or the poor dude would open the front door to catcalls and laughs from a living room full of kids drinking apple juice and moms sipping Diet Coke and wine.

My point: Moms clubs are great. And WAM is especially great.  Join now.  Here’s the deets on how to sign up.  Newbies are encouraged to join in one of the following open activities before officially becoming a member: a visit to a library on the first Monday of the month at 10 am and a trip to a nature center on the third Thursday of the month at 10 am.  (So if you’re reading this on St. Patrick’s Day March 17, there’s a nature center outing scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday March 18 at 10am!  You could be hanging with WAM in less than 24 hours!)  Contact the club for the specific locations.

If you don’t live anywhere near the 20902 zip code, where many of the members reside, then here are some other good group options:

  • La Leche League (it’s not just about breastfeeding – it’s a way to find a local community of mothers)
  • DC Dads on the Run (this active group of dads with jogging strollers will probably re-activate now that outdoor running weather is returning, right DC Urban Dad???)

Know of another marvelous moms and dads’ group? Leave a mention in the comments!

Special thanks to the members of WAM, my Women of the Week,  for your information for this piece. For those moms and dads out there that need a support group, you will be their Women of the Decade.


  1. I agree completely! It’s a great group! Thanks for the write up!

  2. Jessica McFadden says

    ACK!  I was still copyediting this when you commented. 🙂 Happy to post. 

  3. Thanks so much for all the info… I am going to check out these sites right now!

  4. This is invaluable, I had no idea this group existed!

  5. Jessica McFadden says

    A good moms & dads club is so important!

  6. Jessica McFadden says

    Hope you find a group that you really love!

  7. Crystal Levy says

    Any recommendations for a full time working mother? Everything I have seen is for stay-at-home moms. 🙁

  8. Hi I’m a single mom without support, and need a room to rent, in or around silver spring for myself. I have a professional staff job, and but am just getting on my feet.  I could do $550 – $750 a month…however  I do have a 2 year old little boy who stays with me on weekends, sometimes every other weekend. My problem is that I can’t find anywhere to rent that will take me with that situation.  So so any of you have have any ideas?  You could write to me here  or to my friend’s email  ( just put Julie in the subject line).  Her Mail is .  Thanks so much. it’s sort of urgent  because I can’t stay where I am now either.  Thanks Julie

  9. Hi, I’m a mom to be and am looking for an affordable rocking chair. Do you know anyone who is selling one?


  10. I bought this glider chair and ottoman at search for glider under baby furniture.  I bought it for 139 no shipping costs not sure if that’s what you’re looking for but I like it.  good luck.

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