Washington Post: Earth Day 2010 Fun for Families

Today I have a piece in The Washington Post on a ton of FREE area activities for families to celebrate Earth Day, Saturday April 17 – Sunday April 25.

Earth Day will be celebrated with a week’s worth of activities in the Washington area

By Jessica McFadden
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, April 16, 2010

I asked my son Charlie what he knew about Earth Day and he replied: “It’s the day when the Earth gets cleaned up — kind of like the day when the recycling truck comes to your house, except for the whole planet. All the people help, even those that normally don’t think about that kind of stuff.”

Pretty astute for 6 years old (of course, as his mother, I’m biased).

And according to Kathleen Rogers, president of the Earth Day Network, which works to promote Earth Day worldwide, he’s not too far off the mark. “I can’t imagine what the world would be like without Earth Day — around this one day we get so much done!”

Full Article and List of Activities in DC, MD & VA Here


  1. cute comment from Charlie.

  2. Congrats on becoming a staff writer! Very well deserved!


    This is very nice posting oh earth day is fun for faimly my wife is day to day quit me I walk to there. thanks I am a Profeser in medical school Or provide tha full knowlede to oure student by the student aid. I no any type of realtion for the politics thanks for shearing this nice posting.

  4. Unfortunately, that was just a mistake – I’m still just an occassional freelancer!

  5. LeticiaTechSavvyMama says

    Another fabulous Post piece!  I think they do need to make you a Staff Writer!  Maybe the “mistake” was a subtle hint from one editor to another!

  6. Well done piece, I don’t think any age is too young for this!

  7. So Coldplay have announced they’re playing Rock Am Ring. Wonder if that means the new album’s almost done? Hope so!

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