Best Mom Blogs Ever: Momz Share Attendees Rock the Write

Momz Share's Jen & Lara and me. Photo by Amanda of

If you’re reading this you probably have a kid.  And you obviously read blogs (thanks!)

But do you have a blog yourself?  Are you thinking of starting one?

Then you have to get your cute self to a Momz Share event!  These great in-person networking parties just started this year, thanks to the genius of Hip As I Wanna Be’s Jennifer Gerlock and Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom’s Lara Di Paola.

The second event was held this weekend at The Little Gym of Silver Spring (a SUPER party space, for grownups as well as kids!) and packed more fun into three hours that I would have thought possible:

  • The Souper Girl of Silver Spring brought her yummy vegan soups – you can have these healthy soups delivered right to your door for easy, kid-friendly, health-conscious and delicious meals.
I finally met in person people that I already love through the power of the Internet gods and our common worship:
  • Scary Mommy – You already know this woman is a wonderful writer, an incredible humorist, mom blogging resource and shutterbug, but she’s also  a fabulous co-worker and friend. 
  • Resourceful Mommy – If you’ve ever been to or won swag from a Twitter party, thank this chick. She invented these online get togethers!  And she is down to earth and delightful and adorable.
More Awesome MomzShare Attendees That I Met & Fondled/Frightened, or Know & Love

Chris Ann and Kristin of Love Feast Table – two girlfriends writing a memoir cookbook (thanks for the martini glass gals!)

Hide The Cheese my new favorite food blog EVAH.  I am forcing this chick to be my friend.  She should be afraid. But if she runs away, at least I can make her recipes.

It’s My Time To Write – a truly great professional writer and mother just began this beautiful blog

Treets! Photo by Lolli of Better In

Tuscan Home Decor & Design – this woman does it all!  Thanks for the raffle donation!

Barely Domestic Mama

Peace. Love. LipGloss.

Seriously A Homemaker – my life coach partner in the breakout session – she was a sport when I attached myself to her

Mom In A Million – finally we meet!

The Bingham Diaries also the fabulous organizer of the Casual Blogger Conference


Lauren of The Melting Pot DC

Better In Bulk – LOVE the new hair cut!

Dial M For Minky – HILARIOUS!

Musings From Me

The Land of Bean


Tech Savvy Mama

Parentopia Devra

Teach Mama – Vote for Amy at the Scholastic Parenting Blog Awards!

I’m Not The Nanny

I crashed this photo of Seriously a Homemaker and Chief Bit Mom Leticia of Tech Savvy Mama. Photo by Lolli of Better in

Caffeine And A Prayer

Parenting By Dummies

The Too Fatties

Living In Maryland

Laundry For Six

An Acorn Dreaming

Urban Mama

A Spiced Life

Toddler Planet


The Traveling Marshalls

Twofer Mom

Linda Sellers

ProMom Blogger

and more women I wish I’d met!

Next time, I’d love to hang with YOU!  I’ll keep you posted on the next Momz Share, hosted by Scary Mommy, but you can also follow Momz Share on Twitter (@momzshare)and on Facebook (here) and if you are a business that would like to become involved in some way, please email lara.momzshare(at)


  1. always a pleasure my dear.  And I just ordered soup from soupergirl!

  2. Scary Mommy says

    It was so awesome meeting you- you are just as fabulous as I knew you would be!!

  3. DiPaola Momma says

    It really was an amazing event.. then again how could it help but be with these uber awesome babes there? LOVES! Thanks for being the HOsTess of the soriee.

  4. Thien-Kim says

    It was fun! You were a fabulous hostess.

  5. amy @teachmama says

    Thanks so much, Jessica, for your hard work in putting Momz Share together along with Jennifer and Lara–and thanks a MILLION for this incredible re-cap post. We are so lucky to have had incredible sponsors, fantastic prizes, wonderful–sinful!–food, and to have raised a TON for the Relay for Life.

    What a cool group of gals–I’m happy to be part of it!

  6. LeticiaTechSavvyMama says

    I love that you crashed our photo because it is the epitome of the fun and crazy super networking evening we had!  Can’t wait to see you again and I am sure Margy from Hide the Cheese will be your friend…She’s supah-awesome both as a blogger and IRL!  

  7. LeticiaTechSavvyMama says

    And I am so totally rude—Thank you for being the hostess with the mostess as always!  You totally rock especially since this was the second bloggy get together you coordinated in a week!  

  8. Jessica McFadden says

    Jen and Lara were the real hostesses with the mostesteseses – I was just happy to wave and crash photos!!

  9. Jessica McFadden says

    Teach Mama – Vote for Amy at the Scholastic Parenting Blog Awards!

  10. OMG! This makes me want to resurrect my dead blog and join y’all. How utterly fabulous!

  11. Lauree @SimplyLeapCoach says

    Thank you for including me in your event! Momz Share is fabulous, as is everyone I met. I hope you’ll invite me back!

  12. Margy@hidethecheese says

    Finally catching up on my reading.  Thank you so much for such nice words. . . and for a great party.  And no way would I run from you — I might even cook for you 🙂

  13. It was great seeing you as well, Jessica! Thanks for hosting!

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