Maternity Photo Session This Weekend With Love Life Images

I miss being pregnant.

And I wish that I had professional, beautiful images that captured that fleeting time in my life. I have some cute shots from my husband … taken against a door that show a dusty vent and a cat walking by.  But they don’t show me at my hot mama best, or convey how happy and special is pregnancy.

If it ever happens again?  I’m going straight to Mary of Love Life Images for her to style me, light me and shoot that cute belly.

If you’re expecting, take advantage of this special deal this weekend!  It’s a great, discounted price, though the images will be priceless.  And you’ll have your makeup professionally applied by Amie Decker too!

Contact Mary at to make your appointment.

You lucky lady.  I wish you the best.  And I’ll grudgingly drink your beer on your behalf.


  1. says

    I also have an AWESOME maternity/baby photographer named Liz Vance – Oh Baby Photography.  She is incredible and takes amazing photos.  LOVE her

  2. Yeah, what is the deal with pregnancy in the spring??  This a great resource and reminder to get some photos done, before the baby comes….while you are going through it, it feels like an eternity, but actually, it’s just a very short and fleeting time!

  3. Sylvia Kim says

    I wish I had taken pics with my second one–I only did with my first, and then the second just flew by (of course, I was running after a toddler).

  4. Dawn Aumiller says

    I was never pregnant enough to do this…. I wasn’t even showing when William was born.

  5. @jane: I disagree. 10months (true pregnancy length) is not a short time.
    Mice gestate in 20days, 20days!
    Dogs/cats gestae for just 2months, THAT is short.
    Lions/leopards in 4months.
    Luckily were arent elephants, they are pregnant for 2yrs!

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