June Giveaway: Bitdefender Internet Security Software 2010 & 2011 – THREE COPIES

Mom blog giveaways of gift cards, gift certificates and free products rock, right?  That’s why every time you leave a comment on a post on A Parent in Silver Spring, you’re entered to win. (Dude, that sounded so commercial-y!  Can you tell I’ve been letting the kids watch more TV since they’ve been let out of school?  Yikes.)

Thanks so much for all your comments in May – there were officially over 200 entries for the May giveaway of a $50 Mastercard Gift Card to be used where ever Mastercard is accepted.

And the May winner was…

Shawn M. J. !

For the month of June, there will be THREE winners and the giveaway is not just one product, but two:

Three lucky commenters will win Bitdefender‘s award-winning internet security software for 2010, and when the 2011 version is out, you’ll receive  a code for next year too!  Why this giveaway is so freaking cool: The software costs about $40 a year for 1 PC, and Bitdefender protects your PC from viruses and spyware, and allows you to install firewalls and parental controls, without slowing down your computer.

I’m a writer, and not super techno-savvy (I leave THAT to my good friend Tech Savvy Mama Leticia, who is in fact the Chief BitMom for Bitdefender and dedicated to teaching parents online about important Internet security issues pertaining to parents). But here’s my non-tech-savvy review of Bitdefender’s software: I  found that after installing McAfee on my new laptop, my Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers constantly timed out.  And you know how much time I spend online.  This was so annoying!  My screen usually went to that light-colored-frozen-frustration when I was on live chat with my boss or answering an important work email via webmail.  McAfee was really cramping my professional style and wasting my time as I tried to bust out my work assignments so I can have more quality time with my kids.

But I didn’t want my brand new baby (the Dell Inspiron with all the bells and whistles in APISS apple green that Chris got me for my birthday – thanks babe!) to get fried by some gnarly virus or for it to become super-slow as some crook somewhere received info on every key stroke or purchase I made at his diabolical lair. Every computer needs an Internet security system.

So I uninstalled McAfee (completely trashing the $50 yearly service I’d already paid for, nice) and installed the free copy of Bitdefender 2010 I received at MomzShare‘s Silver Spring Soiree.  Since then my Internet has not been timing out, is running as fast as when it was naked of Internet security and I have been free of viruses, spyware and other yuck-o stuff.  I will also be installing it on the desktop my children use to play educational games (and someday will use for homework) with the parental controls enabled.

In short, Bitdefender provides for your PC

  • Antivirus & Antispyware
  • Identity Protection
  • Firewalls
  • Antispam
  • Parental Control
  • Optimized Performance

And this month, you will be entered to win your own Bitdefender 2010 and 2011 software every time you

So please leave comments, comments, comments galore!  Write what you like, what you don’t, what you think needs to be changed, events that are happening in your community, your own great finds…whatever!

Disclosure: Yup, I received my Bitdefender software for free, but I also dumped $50 worth of McAfee. My opinion expressed is totally my own. I mean, have you ever heard me so excited about software that didn’t involve playing Scrabble?

Do you have a business you’d like to promote through giving a gift to gracious A Parent in Silver Spring readers?  As long as it is 100% free for readers and is worth at least $50, let’s give it away to the readers of my site, they are the best.  Send me a line!


  1. Thanks Jessica for these great giveaways.

  2. Once again, so cool!

  3. LeticiaTechSavvyMama says

    Thanks so much for such a positive review and the super-nice shoutout!  I’d love to have any and all APISS readers join us over on BitMoms and am just thrilled that BitDefender is working out so well on your awesome new laptop!

  4. This is a great giveaway!  

  5. lisarbetts@gmail.com says

    What a great idea for a giveaway!  Thanks.

  6. Mary Beth says

    I’ve had my share of problems with McAfee so I would love to win this. Even if I don’t, I might go ahead and try it out! Thanks, MB

  7. Kristile L. Cain says

    Hey there. I’m a fellow BitMom and I’ve been roaming to visit sister sites. I LOVE your blog. So glad that I popped over.

    And I see you are also an SV Mom, so big (((HUGS))) to you on that.


  8. Kristen Walker Painemilla says


    As always…great giveaway. I have one suggestion for a piece on your blog. I am really looking for ways to organize, my  life but my house in particular between toys, work and everyday accumulation of stuff. I know there must be some experts in the area. It would be great to have some guidance and suggestions. I am sure other moms would also love it.


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