Splash Parks, Spraygrounds and Dad Life: Viral Video of the Week

It’s official:

Hitting the spray park with your kids, rocking the Dockers and Blackberry holster, tearing up during Toy Story 3 and tending the hydrangeas are totally gangsta.

Aw yeah.

Dad Life from Church on the Move on Vimeo.

Was your first thought, “Where’s a ‘splishy-splashy’ I can hit with the kids today?” You’re a mom or dad after my own heart.

Here are the places I checked out a while back in  “A Hot Time to Get Soaked” in the Post. A ** indicates places we have re-hit this year and I still give two thumbs up.

Good Hope Sprayground in Silver Spring **
South Germantown Splash Playground
Friendship (aka “Turtle”) Park in NW DC **
Riggs-LaSalle Sprayground in NE DC
Hayes Park Sprayground in Arlington
Lyon Village Sprayground in Arlington
Fairfax Corner Water Fountain Feature

And the Downtown Silver Spring fountain, of course.**

Here are our favorite local public pools:

MLK, Jr. Outdoor Pool & Lazy River in Silver Spring

Germantown Outdoor Pool

Germantown Indoor Swim Center – nirvana on high heat index days

Wheaton Glenmont Pool

Arlington County’s Outdoor Upton Hill Pool

Poolesville Public Pool (yup, it’s a hike, but on the drive here little ones can take their morning nap)

Prince Georges County pools

Washington DC outdoor pools

Fairfax County Pools

And you KNOW I’d love to take the time to post the deets and link to a ton of more fun stuff going off in the area this weekend, but I got shiz to do.  I gotta put a cap in those dust bunnies and shopvac the Goldfish from the Odyssey. Then I be rolling to the G to pick up Capri Suns, hot dogs (nitrate-free, natch) and extra Goodnites for my homies.  Because being a mom is pretty sick too.

Peace out.


  1. Love the Dad Life link!  Very funny.   🙂

  2. Susan @WhyMommy says


  3. FYI on Good Hope Splash Ground: I called the acquatics line for the Good Hope Splash Ground.  They said the hours this year are 11am-4pm Mon-Sat.  Phone # was 240-777-6860.

  4. Ohhh, good to know they’re no longer closed on Mondays and now open at 11am!!

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