Washington DC Area County Fairs & Maryland State Fair: Pass the Cotton Candy

County Fairs in Maryland and Virginia this July, August and September

UPDATE: This post was mentioned in Post Now yesterday.

You can take the girl out of the small town, but you can’t…anyways, the big, I mean HUGE, social event of the year when I was a kid was the county fair. And even though the closest my own little Montgomery County kids will get to raising their own 4-H pig is a performance of Charlotte’s Web at The Adventure Theatre, I love that Charlie and Eve can still get the fair experience in the DC area.

The adorable farm animals, the concession stand food, the midway rides, the carnival game goldfish that dies in two days – they typify the classic American childhood experience. And even if you and your kids are complete urbanites, you could conceivably hit a different local county fair every weekend in August and September!

(Or, you can find a county fair to attend no matter which week you’re in Bethany or Corolla.)

Loudon County Fair Begins Sunday June 25-Saturday July 31 in Leesburg

Fairfax County Fair August 7 & 8 at Frying Pan Park, Herndon

Howard County Fair August 7-14 in West Friendship, MD

Montgomery County Agricultural Fair August 13-21 in Gaithersburg

Prince William County Fair August 13-21 in Manassas, VA

Arlington County Fair August 18-22 in Arlington

Maryland STATE Fair August 27-September 6 – Thanks Dawn! (with Justin Bieber in concert, woo hoo)

Prince George’s County Fair: September 9-12 in Upper Malboro

Anne Arundel County Fair: September 15-19 in Crownsville

Frederick County Fair: September 17-25 in Frederick

As a teen I saw Eddie Money perform at The Fair.
I know, I know. I’m still recovering.

Photo by gerry balding on Flickr


  1. Dawn Aumiller says:

    HEY! You forgot the State Fair in Timonium…. I mean, come on!

  2. THANK YOU!  It has been added in your honor!! 😎

  3. Jess – that blast from the past (video) put a smile on my face tonight – thx!

  4. Kelly Woestman says:

    Jess, love the post.  I think my first fair concert was Expose.  Oh, to be young again….

  5. Expose and Eddie Money at the fair… LOVE it! Thanks for this year’s info 🙂

  6. Kelly, I was at that Expose grandstand concert too! I remember holding hands for the first time during it.

    “You’re taking me, to the point of no return…”

  7. Rosa Carroll says:

    I was looking forward to this list

  8. Lori Nicholson says:

    Thanks so much for this information! We’re always out of town the week of the Montgomery County Fair, but now I can give my kids this experience at some of the other local fairs.

  9. We love the fair!  I grew up on a farm in PA and did 4-H from the time I was 8 until I was 18. 

  10. Corey Feldman says:

    Mmm Funnel Cake. I can’t wait. Joshua has been asking me at least once a month since last year, when the fair is coming back. 

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