Funny kid quote

“This is my mama. Her name is Jessica. She’s wearing that giant hat and sunglasses so she can be saved from being put in a ditch or a box.”

— How my daughter Eve introduced me today to another mother on the beach, misquoting my earlier joke to her daddy that my over-sized sunglasses and sunhat were a last-ditch effort to stave off Botox.

These photos were taken with the incredible Nikon D3000 with AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens that I randomly, luckily won at the #NikonNightOut party at BlogHer last week! I love hosting giveaways, but NEVER win anything myself. Now THAT’S what I call blog conference swag! Thanks to my bloggy BFF TechSavvyMama‘s generous taking of me to this party as her guest, I will now be able to provide even clearer pictures of activities for families in my posts for A Parent in Silver Spring. Thanks Nikon!


  1. We love Evie ’cause she’s got that spunk!  Have fun in the sun. 
    PS/ Only 2 more weeks until  freeeeeedom  school starts!

  2. We love Evie ’cause she’s got that spunk!  Have fun in the sun.   

    PS/ Only 2 more weeks until  freeeeeedom  (school starts) !

  3. Awesome quote!!  Awesome pics!

  4. Lucky, lucky you!!! For the camera and the trip to the beach.

  5. Ashanthi Kiridena says

    Beautiful family. Kids say the darndest things don’t they??

  6. Leslie Jarvis says

    You still look fahbulous, dahling!

  7. Too Funny!

  8. the photos are SUPER clear!!!

  9. LeticiaTechSavvyMama says

    What fabulous photos!  I am so glad you won!  You deserve that awesome camera for all of your hard work and for convincing me that I needed to be Fraiser to your Cheers!  Love ‘ya!

  10. Lisa Betts says

    What a priceless quote – leave it to kids!  That’s great.

  11. HOoray! Hooray!! HOORAY!! You totally deserve an awesome camera for all of the super-awesome ideas you share over here, my friend! And seriously, what goes around comes around–and I’m glad that something great came your way!
    You do so much for everyone else–it’s about time!

  12. That is hilarious!  Wow, what an awesome camera, the pictures are so clear.  Enjoy your vacation!!

  13. You are so gorgeous. 

  14. I’m so happy you won that camera.

    Also, I know I’m like six years late reading this post, but your kid made me laugh out loud. A ditch or a box. Oh my goodness, I’m dying here.

  15. Thanks! Good thing I that pic cut off most of my swimsuit-clad bod though, wouldn’t want anyone to hurl their morning coffee.

  16. I KNOW! I’ve been learning more about it and really love this camera. Super user-friendly digital with the fancyschmancy lens that lights everything well! And AWESOME auto functions for clueless camera people like me.

  17. thank you – i appreciate it!

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