Fall Fashion Picks – What This Cheapskate Is Buying To Look Cute

Thanks to all of you who emailed me that you have liked my style picks in the past. I’m flattered! Hey, a few emails is all the prompting I need to talk about shopping.

Favorite Fall Boots: Flat Suede High Boots from The Loft $158
I love how these are real leather, flat for running around with the kids, can accommodate my wide calves, have the over-the-knee option for a long lean knee-less line with skirts, and the fold-over the top option too.  This is a great deal if you receive one of those cool 30% off coupons in the mail.

Favorite Funky Little Jacket (well, that’s still in stock): Gray Military Jacket from Kohl’s $44
I waited forever for that adorable little military jacket from the new Kmart Designs team to hit the web. I saw it at BlogHer and coveted immediately. I guess I hoped that if I bought if for $30 bucks or whatever, I would be instantly transformed into a 6 foot tall, 115 lb., 19 year old model with facial skin so tight I’d squeak. I checked in almost every day in September. And I forget to do it for a few days and now it’s out, only to be sold for double on eBay. Whatever. This cute little jacket on Kohl’s is less cookie cutter anyways and it’s the perfect gray to pair with black pants without clashing your blacks. So there.

Favorite Fall Jeans To Make You Look Thinner (without giving you a muffin top or cutting off your circulation): Miraclebody Jeans By Miraclesuit – Straight Cut in Dark Denim $110 I am a jeans snob. Sorry. I’ll cut corners EVERYWHERE else in the clothing budget but I wear jeans everyday and I firmly believe they are the middle class mama’s answer to our plastic surgery prayers. And now we can wear jeans to all work meetings with hot high heels, or with sneakers on the playground with the kids. So versatile. Well, I tried these on at BlogHer and I’m a tough customer. But I’m a total fan of the Miraclesuit one-piece black swimsuit for support and style while running around at the pool, so I wasn’t surprised to learn that these jeans rock. I tried all three fits – skinny, bootcut and straight.  I liked the skinny, but already have a couple by 7 for All Mankind and truly think for my body type two pairs of jeggings is enough. (A girl can only hold in her tummy consciously for hours on end once a week, ya know?) The bootcut was good too but I thought the tapered hem of the straight was slightly more modern and young, and I liked how the straight jean looked with a big belt (another tummy-holder-inner trick). They run true to size – no need to go up or down. Highly recommend!

Favorite Wide Belt – ANY of the ones at anthropologie $28-68 for most Until a gorgeous plastic surgeon waltzes into my life and asks me to write a review on laser sculpting, I’m sticking to my collection of lovely anthro woven belts for cinching me in. I love to wear these threaded through or fastened on top of belt loops, buckled over a dress, loosely knotted over a tunic with leggings. The gorgeous Justice Fergie of Blogalicious and Mamalaw fame once gave me a tip three years ago that I follow religiously to this day: fasten your belt slightly higher than your natural waist when wearing over a dress or sweater set for the perfect flattering line. Love her!

Super Sassy Skinny Belt  Silver Patent Number at Gap $19.50 Perfect for jazzing up that tired old black dress with the deodorant stains in the pits that you’ve had for ten years but it just fits you so perfectly they’re going to have to bury you in it you love it so. For those of you who don’t wear leather, this is 100% PCU, rather than one of those cardboard cheapos that comes apart.

Perfect Day Dress J.Crew’s Softspun Cowlneck Dress $88 This dress looks equally good on the XS tiny girl in the water bra and the XL Marilyn Monroe clone with an entire drawer devoted to Spanx.  You can also wear it anywhere, just change your shoes and jewelry per your needs. Bravo.  (I’m partial to the navy, which you can totes wear with any color shoe, even black.  Super hot French girls do, so we’re allowed too.)

Best Way to Extend Wearing Your Tank Tops (and hide your arms): Dolman Shrug by Gap $59.50 Love how your boobs and clavicle look in a tank top?  But not worshiping your triceps? Bring on the drapey shrug. It’s like a frame for your rack and pretty face. Lovelovelove.

Save Our SOLES! Best Flat for Running After Children: Report Women’s Black Ballet Flat $42 (I got mine at DSW for way less.) If the flats-are-back trend is over, please don’t tell me. They’re so darn comfy and cute. I love my Chucks, but you can’t wear them everywhere. And they’re too bulky to stick in a handbag for when your feet swell after a few hours standing in high heels. I love how comfortable are these Report flats, and how cool the studded rocker detailing looks peeking out beneath pant hems.

Best Handbag: Slouchy Gray Hobo (with a sense of humor) $46.95 I used to only carry black purses.  BORING. FASHION FAIL. After some big red and purple phases, right now I’m into big gray ones.  I love the flower detail, studs (again with the studs) and personality of this one.

Happy hunting for fall style!  Likewise, if you find something OMGosh good, leave your recs in the comments.  My VISA carrier will thank you!

Disclosure: I have personally purchased, own and wear, or am planning on purchasing all items featured here. I received a pair of Miraclebody jeans for review at BlogHer, as well as some items from Gap similar to items featured here that were provided to me for speaking at BlogHer.  Amazon affiliate links were used in this post  for the hobo bag, ballet flats, 7 jeans, Chuck Taylor sneaks, Miraclesuit swimsuit and Miraclebody jeans,  so theoretically I could make a very small commission if you purchase. Hey, it’s little things like that give me a impetus to spend a couple hours working on a style piece for a hobby blog. However, if you are irked by my receiving a commission but covet the item, just open a new window of Amazon to make your buy and I will not receive.


  1. Damn you, Jessica!! I’m trying not to shop…must. resist. the shrug from the Gap. 🙂

  2. Rapidly scribbling notes … am in love with the Gap’s shrugs and cardis for fall.  And while I thought I’d hate the miraclebody jeans?  Wrong.  LOVE.  WEAR.  LOVE.

  3. The last thing I need is another pair of jeans, but I’m seriously tempted to order a pair of those.  And that dress looks awesome.  How werid would it be if I showed up in all the clothes you reccomended in all the same places you were?  Then everyone would know I actually want to be you.

  4. puh-leez, it’s totally the reverse! i want to be YOU jodi.  i think most of these items are not too obvious so they’ll look good on anyone, and also still look good over time, and not just this year.

  5. Hi Jessica!!  I am a total jeans snob, too.  I will buy anything else in my closet at Target or Walmart or WHEREVER but my jeans have to fit PERFECTLY.  I love that superwide belt from anthropology!  It’s so cute!

  6. The bag link is showing shoes?

  7. thank you Kristy – I fixed that link – whoops!!


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    Fall Fashion Picks – What This Cheapskate Is Buying To Look Cute

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