Snow Day Options

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As parents we fall into two camps: Those who love snow days and those who can do without them.  Are they one big snuggle…or one big struggle?

(I believe I fall into both camps, and my membership fluctuates throughout the snow day.)

Looking for fun kids’ activities to share indoors?
Looking to get out of the house for indoor fun (that’s not in your own living room)?
Loving being outdoors in the icy weather?
Then look for a park near you with great hills for sledding!  Here is my post on parks in the area with sledding hills that my family and I have tried. 

Here’s where to find more public parks near you to bring your sled:

Need a little technical help?  My post here tells you how to navigate these listings easily.


  1. Our big outing of the day is going to Target to buy colored paper. IF my car doesn’t skate into a ditch on the way.

    Our big activity of the day is making forts with the couch cushions.

  2. another cali girl says:

    one big struggle–just finished ice picking my long drive for an afternoon trip to the peds (check ups).  Don’t want to be de-icing my drive or rescheduling my appts!  Ugh
    alright–extra time with the kids–not so bad 🙂

  3. Catherine Sobieszczyk says:

    I LOVE snow days, but realistically it’s an hour or two of “Snuggle” and the rest is a BIG struggle : )

  4. LeticiaTechSavvyMama says:

    Awesome sledding video!  I have to agree that my membership fluctuates throughout the day too!  Thanks so much for the link love!

  5. It wasn’t too bad to have another day off.  The kids loved it.  I was ready for a break but we still had a good time!  Thanks for the ideas!

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