How to Survive Preschool (as a parent)

My Mom of a Million Mistakes column is up over on Wheaton Patch, and today I’ve listed a run-down of things I wish veteran preschool parents had told me when my oldest started his first preschool program as a three-year-old.

(You know, since I’m such a big expert now that I’ve had one child or another in preschool for a whole four years.)

And since the preschool open house and application season is in full swing, the Wheaton Patch Moms Council is also hosting a discussion about what parents look for in a preschool. Please come join the discussion and hear what other parents look for in preschool programs for their kids!


  1. Corey J Feldman says

    I especially like the don’t send your kids to work sick one. That was our biggest adjustment; I feel like we have spent 1/2 the last 2 years sick. 

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