Five Favorite Bloggers – Yup, I Picked My Friends! (and due to sleep deprivation, wrote about six…um, yeah)

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I was asked to write about five bloggers that I recommend to my readers. Easy, right? I mean, since having the baby I haven’t been posting at my usual daily pace, so the least I can do is provide you guys with some other parenting blogs for your reading pleasure.

But it’s so tough to narrow it down to just FIVE. I have hundreds of bloggers in my Google Reader, and there are about 60 blogs that I keep up with pretty religiously. Many by my personal friends.

I thought about different angles (five favorite dad bloggers? five favorite local writers? five favorite celebrity bloggers…OK, that one was kinda lame). I thought about writing about my five favorite parenting magazine sites (Nickelodeon’s ParentsConnect, TLC’s Parentables, etc.) but nope, the writing prompt was for bloggers…as in individuals.

So, I went straight to my email for the writers so important to me that I like to receive their writings directly in my in-box

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Here are five bloggers (+ one extra!..yes, I am so sleep-deprived due to newborn that I can’t count and realized my choosing of six after hitting publish…) in totally random order who I read every single day and recommend that you do to!

Susan of Toddler Planet’s blog is a rich, inspiring website that is about parenting her two boys, working as a breast cancer research advocate, living as a survivor and fighter, serving as a communicator on the importance of health insurance covering  compression sleeves for sufferers of lymphedema, working through it all as an astrophysicist – a planetary scientist who has worked for NASA and now conducts independent research on space science missions. Susan also works to build communities at the websites Women in Planetary Science and Mothers With Cancer.

Jean of Stimeyland, Autism Unexpected and AutMont. Jean, as I’ve gushed about before, is the mom I strive to be and shamelessly copy and worship daily. She is the mom of three bodacious boys (with whom my kids and I have had the pleasure of playing), including two neurotypical boys and middle son Jack, who is autistic.

Cristie of The Traveling Circus and The Right Hand Mom – A former fellow parent in Silver Spring, rock star Cristie now lives outside NYC in Red Bank, NJ and writes with humor and insight about parenting her three wonderful kids, aged early elementary-preschool. She also founded The Right Hand Mom, a lifestyle blog that contains info on cooking, finances, family fun, and hosts meetups for moms to mingle and learn.

Leticia of Tech Savvy Mama – In just the three and a half years that Tech Savvy Mama has been helping parents navigate the world of technology and kids, she has become one of the most prominent voices on the web. Her insights on parenting, computers, kids and tech, social media and reviews of products have been a guide to thousands of readers. Leticia is also a founding member of Splash Creative Media, a consortium of fabulous online women in media who have come together to create great programs such as Bump Month – where you can win prizes!

Amy of Teach – A creative mom of three, a reading specialist, literacy consultant and teacher, Amy develops activities and curriculum for us regular parents to share and educate our own children. She also started the online community we teach for parents and educators to learn and share.

Joanne of Pundit Mom A political and media strategist/analyst and author, Pundit Mom writes and speaks about the growing influence of women and mothers in politics. She also has a book coming out!:  Mothers of Intention: How Women & Social Media are Revolutionizing Politics in America.

And now I’m feeling horribly guilty – I only got to pick FIVE of my friends, and though OK, I ended up writing about SIX, there are so many more wonderful bloggers out there! I should do a roundup like this once a week at least! But in the meantime, find more writers I recommend on my blogroll here.

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