Movie Ticket Advance Screening Pass Giveaways Moving to Facebook and Twitter

Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed the free movie screenings I have helped the movie studios promote, at absolutely no personal compensation, over the past three and a half years. I hope that you all still enjoy them and can easily obtain your tickets via the new giveaway format.

I am moving all movie free screening ticket giveaways to the A Parent in Silver Spring Facebook page and I will also be alerting readers via Twitter when I have passes available from movie promoters.

The reason? Website traffic to this blog has increased so much over the years (yay!) that as soon as I post, the tickets are gone (boo!).

I have also felt bad disappointing parents and children when treating these passes as elusive prizes here on the blog. Although it is always posted that these prescreening tickets never guarantee recipients a seat, I have received so many bummed out emails from folks who do not make it in, even though they had “won”.  You have to get in line superduper early for these screenings, and still, you might not grab a spot for your booty. These free screenings before a film is released are always overbooked, as the promoters need to fill every seat in those theaters to help create buzz about a film before opening weekend.

And thus, I feel terrible treating these screening passes as extra-special-giveaway prizes here on the blog. Sometimes these passes are printed in newspapers, sometimes your credit card company sends them to you in the mail. So I think it is a more honest “giveaway” if I just throw an online login code onto my Facebook page for the website.

Tonight I am posting 100 free tickets to The Lion King in 3D re-release on Saturday morning August 27 at the Regal Majestic Silver Spring. If you love these not-guaranteed free movie passes, please Like A Parent in Silver Spring on Facebook and follow me on Twitter to receive notice whenever I have passes to hand out.

Facebook promotions rules state that I must administer the contest from the lefthand navigation links, so head on over to the left side and then follow the directions to obtain your passes. Good luck!

All giveaways administered here on A Parent in Silver from here on out will be for honest-to-goodness, real prizes in which if your name is randomly chosen, you for sure will receive those performance tickets, children’s toy, video game, cash prize, gift card, hotel stay, gift certificate, restaurant voucher, nanny service, jogging stroller, opera night, t-shirt, onesie, book, board game, box of chocolates, pizza, massage, facial, CD, yoga class, coffee maker, reusable shopping bag, lip gloss, body lotion, bra, panties, nursing cover, baby quilt, diaper bag, slippers, water bottles you attach to your wrist, personal training session, skateboard, teas, candles, gourd birdhouse, monster truck tickets, cookies, pretzels, single copy of a magazine*, beef jerky or personal body groomer.

*My very first giveaway item was my first month of blogging and it was an extra copy of Real Simple I received by accident.

**I really have given away all of those items at one time or another on this site over the years!


  1. LeticiaTechSavvyMama says

    Hey- I loved the extra copy of Real Simple that I won from you back in the day!   🙂  

  2. Karan Capoor says

    Love this site and love the lion king. How can I get 2 passes please? Thanks, kc

  3. Are you on Facebook? I hope so! If you sign up, go to the A Parent in Silver Spring Facebook page here then you will see the link for tickets. This Facebook page is where I will be distributing all free pre-screening passes from now on. Thanks for the kind words!

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