How to Find a Babysitter in Washington DC: Plum District and SeekingSitters DC

My family and I are hoping to find a part-time sitter we love as much as Gloribel and our other adored weekend date night sitters we lose to college!

Hands down, the number one  question I receive from readers is for help finding a nanny, babysitter or child care provider in the Washington, DC area. And while I have a list of resources I pass along to readers, I always admit that as a part-time working and largely stay-at-home mom, I do not have much firsthand experience finding a regular sitter.

Now that Alice is six months old and less sleepy-in-the-carseat-during-work-meetings mobile, I have realized I need a once-a-week, part-time sitter. I could ask around. I could post on list servs and nanny forums. I could “hit on” sweet sitters at the park, Mrs. X style. I could pray that Glenda the Good Godmother would just come down from heaven in a bubble and offer to watch my kid.

But what have I been doing? I have been worrying about how tough it is to find a sitter and sitting on my bottom, doing nada to find a nanny. I have been avoiding in-person meetings, skipping sleep and working at night.

Thankfully, Plum District Washington DC has a great deal that has prompted me to get a move on my sitter needs: A  membership to SeekingSitters plus 4 hours of babysitting for just $53 (a 50% savings!). They are also throwing in two AMC Gold Experience™ Movie Tickets for a ready-made date night!

I am getting this deal and I recommend you get it too! Do you need a babysitter a couple days a week? 40+ hours? For the occasional date night? For a wedding you have to attend next week but you don’t have clue who is going to watch your kids and it is stressing you out? SeekingSittersDC will hook you up!

Yesterday I received the Plum District deal, filled out the SeekingSitters application, spoke to SeekingSitters DC owner Lisa Opolion about my immediate needs for a part-time sitter and TODAY SeekingSitters is working on finding me the perfect match for my needs. I read through the available sitter profiles and marked a few who seemed a promising fit for the service to vet for me.

I can relax knowing that all of the women in their arsenal are thoroughly background-checked and that SeekingSitters DC Metro will handle all the payments and appropriate taxes. Lisa says that when they interview and screen their sitters, a major criteria is whether the owners would allow the sitters to care for their own children, and only if the answer is a hearty “Yes!” are the sitters hired.

It is so civilized! I feel silly for being so stymied by finding a sitter for the last few months. This Plum District and SeekingSitters DC deal has provided me with very affordable peace. This Plum District deal is only available for TWO more days, so if (like me), you have been in need of a sitter or nanny but worrying about how to go about finding someone, jump on this deal now!

I’ll keep you all posted on our childcare journey, but I am so excited and relieved that it has begun TODAY!

Disclosure: I received this $53 PlumDistrict deal including a SeekingSitters membership, four hours of babysitting and movie tickets courtesy of Plum District. However, I will of course be paying for our family’s future regular babysitter’s hourly wages and all related fees completely myself at the rate charged to all SeekingSitter clients. All current and future views expressed about my experience are my own.

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