Preview of Our Family Photo Shoot by Marian Lozano Photography

All rights reserved, Marian Lozano Photography.

Marian Lozano photographed our family this weekend at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton for an updated family photo, a portrait of the children together and individual photos of all three children. I will be sure to share the pics with you once Marian sends, but I had to share this image of Alice that Marian sent tonight to tide me over.

Look how big she is! I cannot believe how quickly these six months have flown.

And I cannot believe how perfectly Marian captured our dear girl’s unique open expression. This is why I adore Marian for family photography. Not only are her photos amazing, she truly captures children’s personalities. I love that when I see her final images, I not only think “That’s a beautiful picture of my kids,” I also (and most importantly) think “Those are my kids. She nailed it.”

Marian Lozano photographs newborns, babies, children, families, mamas-to-be and couples. She also photographs events. Check out her portfolio. And note that she was also the Nickelodeon ParentsConnect Parents Picks Winner for Best Washington, DC Area PhotographerHer rates are crazy reasonable for the quality of her art.

She is also my dear friend for the past 12 years, and my go-to family photographer. We love her, and we love her work. I highly recommend Marian Lozano for all your family photography needs.

Disclosure: Marian Lozano photographs my family for free because she is a close personal friend, from back before I had a blog, kids, even a husband! However, I would very willingly pay for her services if she would let me. But she won’t. We are currently in a thank you gift war. If you have any great gift recommendations for a gorgeous girl with a photography business, let me know!


  1. Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama says

    So gorgeous! I can’t wait to see your other photos!

  2. A thank you gift war. That’s hysterical. I love this photo. Your girl is beautiful, and the photography is too!

  3. Super, super cute! And wow – that’s the best kind of war I’ve ever heard of. I went to a bakery in Takoma Park recently that had the most divine mini cheesecakes ever. That’s my suggestion for this war! – Capital City Cheesecake

  4. Wow! Gorgeous. That’s a framed for sure. A gift card to black market in Garret park is my suggestion for a thank you gift.

  5. Marian Lozano says

    No gifts!! LOL! It was my pleasure to photograph you guys! Love you and your beautiful family! Thank you for such a lovely post. XOXO

  6. Let’s pamper ourselves or our loved ones! $19 for a Mani/Pedi at Gilda’s Beauty in Tyson’s Corner. Eyebrow shaping, Keratin Hair Treatment and MORE!

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