T-Mobile Happy Holidays and Giveaway Winners

Just as two of you readers will win myTouch smartphones today on A Parent in Silver Spring, five bloggers won at the T-Mobile blogging event! Pictured L-R: Maria of Mummys Busy World, Tonia of The Chatty Momma, Thien-Kim of I’m Not the Nanny, Amy of Teach Mama and Leticia of Tech Savvy Mama.

Please tell me that YOU too are in the midst of mad holiday shopping.

If you were one of those awesome types who had this all done last month, the cards addressed, the names drawn in your family gift exchange, the packages wrapped and sent and perfectly selected for each loved one’s personality and needs…well, I salute you. (And I will try not to hate.)

But if you are anything like me and the mad mad mad mad crazy year I am having, RIGHT NOW is when I am finally getting my Christmas and Hanukkah gift act together. This morning was spent selecting items for family members and busting out the credit card for lots of online shopping.

Smart phones and tablets are two gifts which are especially needed by loved ones — much more necessary and coveted and up for daily use than another cashmere sweater — but those seem to be the hardest to purchase for another. Seriously, what will make someone happier than a brand new fabulous phone? Or a sweet Samsung Galaxy Tab that your gift recipient can begin surfing the web with right on Christmas morning?

Thankfully, T-Mobile has made the process of selecting and purchasing personal technology devices like smartphones such as the myTouch and the myTouchQ and tablets for our spouses, parents and kids easy and affordable!

I was excited to connect with T-Mobile, not only for the giveaway of the myTouch phones here on A Parent in Silver Spring, but also at a special blogging expert holiday shopping event. At the event, local bloggers and I learned from T-Mobile the following useful tips for selecting a smartphone or tablet as a gift (two items that I know my own mom, on her old flip phone and ancient desktop computer, can really use!)

The fabulous #TMobileHolidays #DC blogger event at the Tysons Corner T-Mobile store.
  • It *IS* possible to purchase a smartphone for someone who will pay for service on their own account. You simply purchase the device at the no-annual contract price and pair it with a Monthly4G prepaid service so the recipient can start using the phone right away and decide whether or not they want to sign up for a contract term later. T-Mobile offers a variety of Monthy4G no annual contract and Pay by the Day plans.
  • You can purchase a smartphone and service for the recipient on your existing account just by adding a line or upgrading a line. T-Mobile offers a Value family plan with unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data with 2 GB of high-speed data for only $49.99 per line for two lines.
  • You can give a smartphone as a gift to someone on your family plan as an upgrade and activate service after the phone has been unwrapped to maintain the surprise!
  • Your gift recipient can return and exchange their technology gift. Upon activation of a new account, T-Mobile contract/upgrade customers have a 14-day trial period (30 days in California) during which they can cancel service without paying an early termination fee. For phones purchased from T-Mobile at full price without a contract or service, customers may return the device within 30 days. In both contract and non-contract scenarios, the following restocking fees apply: $25 for phone-first devices and laptop sticks, $50 for smartphones and $75 for tablets and netbooks.

I hope these tips are helpful to those of you, who like me, are frantically shopping for our people from our computers right now.

And I hope these two randomly-selected myTouch winners, drawn from all of the comments, Tweets, Facebook Likes and Shares on last week’s post, are filled with holiday spirit at their good luck:

  • Lolli of Better in Bulk won the myTouch with her comment regarding plans and gifts!
  • Cristie Ritz-King of The Right Hand Mom won the myTouchQ with her Tweet entry!

Thank you everyone who entered! I hope you enjoy the holiday gift giveaways and may you all have very successful (and easy) gift procurements in the next crazy weeks.

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Disclosure: I am compensated by T-Mobile for my participation in this campaign. Facebook is in no way affiliated with this promotion.   


  1. Congrats to all – and good info shared on these products. That’s a pretty generous return policy. Makes buying this stuff less scary!!

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