ZPizza: Best Healthy Take-Out in Town

I’m constantly struggling to balance feeding my children truly healthy food, living a fast-paced life that requires feeding them on the run between our many lessons/meetings/obligations, and also providing my kids with the fun experience of eating out at a casual, kid-friendly place.

ZPizza in Downtown Silver Spring fits the bill on all counts.

First and foremost, ZPizza menu items are freshly-made with truly healthy ingredients. The chicken is 100% all natural chicken — no antibiotics, hormones, fillers or preservatives, and the chicken sausage, meatballs and pepperoni are MSG-, preservative- and nitrate-free. The red sauce is made from organic tomatoes and the cheese is rBGH-free Wisconsin mozzarella. And they even have gluten-free and vegan pizzas that I have heard are really delicious from my GF and non-animal-eating friends!

The prices are on-par with a casual place, and the customer service is fab. At a blogger event this summer I was hard-pressed to find a local restaurant that would work with my small budget, but when I called ZPizza in Silver Spring the manager was wonderful and was happy to send over as many pizzas as my budget allowed…and there was TONS of food for the group.

And my kids always have a great time when ZPizza is on the table for their dinner or lunch. I have been almost completely cutting our family’s fast foodage, but the kids really enjoy eating out and or seeing a pizza box come through our door. This way everyone wins.

In addition to the Downtown Silver Spring store, there is a location in Penn Quarter in DC and lots of ZPizzas in Northern Virginia. ZPizza locations. 

I highly recommend.

Disclosure: ZPizza sent us a coupon for a free pizza and a request for review, but our crew was already big fans. ZPizza also donated coupons to my church’s auction — how nice is that?

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