Woman of the Week: Anne Moriarty of Heart-Minder

Heart-MinderI had the wonderful opportunity to interview local child development expert and workshop provider Anne Moriarty of Heart-Minder. Moriarty is a trained teacher of Conscious Discipline, a compassionate discipline philosophy that seeks to provide parents and teachers with the conscious awareness and skills needed to create safe, connected, problem-solving homes and classrooms. Moriarty offers a range of services: classes, workshops, parent discussion groups and guided children’s playgroups. anne-image-206x300

Read on for some of the kernels of wisdom I learned from Moriarty in our interview, and see the graphic below which lists the workshops and events Heart-Minder has available to Washington area families this spring.

A Parent in Silver Spring: What is the goal of Heart-Minder?

Anne Moriarty of Heart-Minder: My goal is to bring parents to a different understanding of how our brains and bodies are connected. Once adults shift our hearts, we see children’s struggles in a different way and we can help children’s behavior. Rather than reacting to problems, we can be responsive to our children’s needs. I learned the beauty of Conscious Discipline firsthand when I founded and served as the director of a local independent preschool (Creative Learning Center). This philosophy provides emotional safety for children, parents and educators.

To you, what are the most important aspects of the philosophy of Conscious Discipline?

I believe children need to practice a new skill in context, whether that context is home or school, in order to secure that skill. And then they need to practice it a lot. Once parents get that, then they can relax that they are guiding their children in the right direction — it just takes time.

It is also powerful for parents to realize that the ways we sometimes give parenting directions — “Don’t!”, “No!”, “I told you…” — a child’ s mind doesn’t process negative. Instead, we should give them positive directions and options like “Let’s find a way to play together”, “Go do this”, “You can walk this way or you can walk that way”. By giving them constant empowerment, that is how we can solve problems and change their behavior. It does not take much to “get” that brain shift.

How can Heart-Minder assist Washington, DC-area families?

I work one-on-one with parents, counseling over the phone, or meeting with them in my office or their homes. If problems are arising at home or the classroom I can observe the environments and see what is working and what is not, and give strategies for change. I host guided playgroups for children age two-and-a-half through five, where I gather three to four children in a playroom at a community center, and the parents observe me modeling Conscious Discipline.

Empowered Parents is a guided discussion group I host for parents. We tackle hot button issues once a month. I am also offering workshops and seminars this spring, and I am available as well to speak to local groups.

Read on for the offerings this spring, and contact Anne Moriarty if you are interested in signing up for these or other services she provides.


This post was completely unsponsored and conducted based on an introduction and recommendation by my friend Amy Mascott of TeachMama.com.


  1. She knows what she’s talking about… I’ve seen her in action!

  2. Joel Britt says

    She’s a very bright & personable individual, with many years experience and with much insight & information to offer.

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