GIVEAWAY: Organizing Manifesto Poster from Kacy Paide (as seen on Young House Love)


Office Organizing Expert Kacy Paide of The Inspired Office loves to organize offices and paper.

I will just let that sink in for a minute.

Kacy finds joy in doing what gives most of us a low-grade panic attack. Tackling projects big and small, she works with folks who are desperate for a more functional, more beautiful, more inspiring office.  She says that she “loves a good mess and wants to fix yours.” A Professional Organizer since 2001, I met Kacy in 2011 and was immediately blown away by her positivity and entrepreneurship. I am not alone: In just 12 years, she has worked with over 500 clients.

Kacy’s lately has married her loves of home design and organizing with that gorgeous piece of inspiring art you see above. Kacy says,

“After years of sharing my nuggets of wisdom with organizing clients, decided to condense these spoken lessons into a bold visual statement.  These are all tips and phrases I found myself repeating over and over again.  My good friend had this idea for me back in December.  She had a stroke of inspiration and told me to put myKacy-isms on a poster.  My graphic designer also hand prints them via silkscreen in Michigan.  Just like with my blog and videos, I only ever want to put something out into the world if it is helpful.  I’m so happy with this poster because it’s not just a pretty face, but serves as a reminder to live a beautiful life!”

Kacy contacted me this summer and offered to give away one of these gorgeous pieces of office art on A Parent in Silver Spring, just as she did on Young House Love. I am a sucker for beautiful paper, and I love how this poster is so original and will truly inspire our offices, family rooms and kitchens. Kacy says that it is also great for a kid’s room and will serve as a reminder in any family space for all ages to clean their rooms!  I also find it to be an infinitely cooler version of word art than those rote “Dance like no one’s watching” phrase pieces I always see at TJ Maxx.

Beautiful, right? The 18 x 24 poster was designed and printed by hand in Grand Rapids, MI by Jared Janderwski and is individually silk screened on 100lb cover weight French paper. The poster also comes in cream/gray, red/cream and turquoise cream.


The posters are available for purchase at The Inspired Office website store for $35 and free shipping. A Parent in Silver Spring readers can get $5 off each poster through the end of July by using coupon code 5OFFPRINT at checkout. 

One lucky reader will win a poster of her very own! Simply fill out the entry form below and one lucky entry will be randomly drawn by Rafflecopter.

Additionally, readers of A Parent in Silver Spring will receive a 10 percent discount on organizing package services if you contact Kacy through the end of July. Check out The Inspired Office’s services page for organizing assistance options. Kacy is based in Silver Spring, MD. Reach her at 202-262-1207 and

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Kacy Paide has offered me a poster as thanks for hosting this giveaway. No additional compensation of services or cash was received. All opinions are my own.


  1. In my office.

  2. I will put this right in the center of the family communication center! AKA – house catchall. 🙂

  3. not ashamed to say I need this!

  4. This will go in the study!

  5. I would hang this in my front hall where the most disorganization happens!

  6. We are cleaning out our home office right now in preparation for moving it to a new space in a couple of months. This poster would be a great focal point for the new space!

  7. I could hang this in so many possible areas…..walk-in closets, office..perhaps the front door! 🙂

  8. Hmmm… I think this would actually look pretty cool in our kitchen!

  9. I’m remodeling my house this summer and this manifesto really hits home!

  10. I’d hang it in the hallway between our bedrooms.

  11. Love, love, love this! I think a few of my co-workers need this more than I do (ahem!) but I think I’d hang it at home near our desk.

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  14. I’d love to hang this in my home office

  15. My family command center!

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