A Parent in Silver Spring Redesign, Better Access to Activity Ideas


A Parent in Silver Spring’s redesign has improved navigation to help parents find family fun to share with their kids.

After nearly six years of writing nearly every day about topics of interest to DC-area families, A Parent in Silver Spring was in need of better organization. And a new outfit is always fun.

I also wanted to make sure that A Parent in Silver Spring was something you all would enjoy viewing on your iPads and mobile devices. Additionally, I thought larger, clearer images could better showcase for you available options, giving you a better view of the event before you sign up for that performance or festival.

A Parent in America, my general mom blog (humor essays, shopping guides and articles not local in focus) also got a revamp for the same reasons. I would love it if you would have a look and leave feedback!

In addition to the previous ways to locate articles — search box, by date and by category are still located on the right side of the screen — now you can locate family activities by type, by age and also parent resources via the navigation bar across the top. The calendar remains in the top navigation bar.

However, there is room to include other topics and search items, and I would love to hear what items are most important to you.

Would you like to search for activities and resource by city or region?

Would you like to find classes, camps or birthday party options right up top?

I have in the past listed right on the homepage a list of area preschools and ways to find childcare, and fun round-ups such as 100 Things to Do in DC with Kids. Are those items you would like easy access to?

Please leave a comment with your suggestions as I continue to work with the web designer, the incredible Lindsey of Smitten Blog Designs.

Thanks so much for your support!


  1. LOVE the new look! Fresh but still the APISS we know and love!

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