Best Family Photographer in Washington DC: Marian Lozano


I have had many lucky breaks in my life, but few as fortunate as working on the Hill with the amazing Marian Lozano of Marian Lozano Photography. Thanks to our 15 years of friendship, I am beyond blessed to have the Washington, DC area’s best family, newborn, expectant mother and children’s photographer document our family every year. Although I am totally biased, Marian Lozano is at the top of every awards list in this town for family photographers.

Although Marian has before photographed our children at our home (cozy and easy on us) and at beautiful Brookside Gardens (with picturesque fall leaves and a sunset in the background), this year we decided to change it up and meet at the Jefferson Memorial. In fact, I saw on Marian’s photography blog – which beautifully showcases her work – that Marian had photographed another family there earlier this fall. I fell in love with the bright white marble backdrop for our annual family portrait (and maybe I have been watching a little too much Scandal on the Netflix….)


More than I have ever recommended a local business, I recommend Marian Lozano to photograph your children, family, pregnancy or special event.  I love her style and her use of lights and the most natural of filters. Marian is herself a mom of three, and I have never before seen a photographer so wholly get children, families and what parents want. Having Marian photograph our family each autumn for the Christmas card and to document Charlie, Eve and Alice’s childhoods is a treasured family ritual.


Marian Lozano’s rates for such professional quality of work are extremely accessible. I believe she could charge a heck of a lot more (other area photographers sure do!). Her rates for sessions and professional quality prints are affordable, and I would personally pay double. She offers you the chance to purchase a CD of the entire digital collections from your session, which I believe is essential and rare. If you are expecting and would like “belly shots” and newborn photos, or like me, you believe in regular family photography, Marian offers multiple session packages for reduced rates and with additional digital images and prints.


That there above is my and Chris’s first professional “couple shot” since our marriage in 2002. Marian also snapped headshots of both of us for our LinkedIn pages and professional use. She did this all in under an hour! Marian’s use of the session time and your children’s attention spans is extremely efficient. We achieved all our portrait goals in about 50 minutes, which is all Alice (and Charlie and Eve) could take. The process felt effortless and enjoyable.


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Disclosure: Marian is a close personal friend. We gift each other from our businesses and support each other. All opinions are my own. 

Photography by Marian Lozano. All rights reserved. 


  1. Great photos ! Love the colors against the white marble. And you look so strong and healthy !

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