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Wee Friends Daycare in Burtonsville is Incredible

This is my first-ever personal daycare endorsement. Although my most common e-mail advice question these six years of blogging has been how to find a daycare, nanny or babysitter, I have been reluctant to recommend any individual or facility that my family has not personally used. And as a mainly stay-at-home mother, I have never before employed a daycare provider. In fact, the idea scared me.

wee-friends-daycare-familyUntil this year. Alice turned two, I turned up my work commitments and by providential chance, I “met” blessing-from-God Kathleen Peter via Facebook. Kathy is the owner, teacher, second mother of Wee Friends. This licensed in-home daycare is the warm home-away-from-home and mini-preschool that my vivacious daughter needs and loves while I work.

Alice learns, plays, makes friends, eats healthy meals, goes on delightful mini-field trips, (sometimes) naps and is loved. Alice adores the gorgeous preschool room on the lower level of the Peter home as well as the inviting half-acre backyard full of play houses and toys.

By the way and in case you are wondering, I am not receiving any freebies, discounts or compensation for writing this post. I am simply in love with this daycare option I have found. I pay the same rate as every other family. I am excited to provide a first-hand recommendation to other families searching for daycare. 

Kathy is assisted by her husband Dave who works in finance from home and lends a hand when needed, and their two tween daughters who “big sister help” when they come home from school. Read more about this lovely family and their childcare philosophy.

When I contacted Kathy about her daycare and the possibility that Alice could join her merry crew, I learned that we had several friends in common. My son Charlie is even a classmate of her nephew! Kathy was the President of the Burtonsville MOMS Club and I too was active in the Silver Spring MOMS Club back in the day. This summer Alice and I visited Wee Friends and fell in love.

Wee Friends is located in Burtonsville, Maryland. It is accessible if you live, work or commute through the Burtonsville, North Silver Spring, Ashton/Olney/Spencerville areas.  My family and I live in North Silver Spring and my husband works in Columbia, and so we have found the location very convenient. I love that their street is quiet and idyllic, and their home and yard are lovely. Every minute we spend there feels like home. However, I am far from the only parent who feels this much love for Wee Friends — read the testimonials of other parent fans.

There is room for your child at Wee Friends.

There is even room for your child who is under the age of two at Wee Friends.

As Kathy is licensed, you can write off your child care expenses on your taxes. She is completely compliant with all health and state regulations and training. If you would like your child to join the Wee Friends family, you will be required to fill out all required documents. Every rule is completely followed. I love that.

Again, I am receiving absolutely no incentive to promote this wonderful home daycare other than the satisfaction of honestly sharing something that has helped our family so much, and helping a local small business that has enriched our family.

I hope your son or daughter will join Alice at Wee Friends.  You can always e-mail me at with any questions, and you can e-mail owner and educator Kathy Peter at for complete information.

Wee Friends Daycare Tuition and Hours of Operation

Wee Friends Daycare Facebook Page


  1. I agree! Kathy is wonderful with the children. Such a caring, loving environment!

  2. Kathy and David are amazing! My daughter loves them.

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