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Shalom Kosher Market in Silver Spring Celebrates 40th Anniversary! Locally-owned market through three generations offers area families low prices on healthy foods. 

Feeding my family the healthiest, highest-quality foods is extremely important to me, but so is staying within our means. While certain organic markets in our area are exceedingly pricey, they are not our only option.

Personally, I do a good deal of my shopping at Shalom Kosher Market in Silver Spring, located in the Kemp Mill Shopping Center at 1361 Lamberton Drive.

Our family does not keep Kosher. We are Catholic.

But no where else can I purchase such high quality meats, dairy products, produce and baked goods for such low prices!

I love following Shalom’s Weekly Specials, and to celebrate the store’s 40th anniversary, this November 7-24 the store and website will feature more specials than ever. There will be throwback prices on eggs for 55 cents and cake tastings at the bakery. Food will be collected for the Manna Food Center for a social good component to the celebration. There will be daily in-store giveaways of Shalom Kosher gift certificates and lots of tastings during the event.  One Grand Prize Winner will receive a basket valued at $500. Be sure to LIKE Shalom Kosher Market on Facebook for full details on the prizes and specials.

Shalom Kosher was founded in 1973 by Max and Anita Dekelbaum, starting as a small butcher shop. In October last year they expanded to fill the former Magruder’s market in Kemp Mill, a location five times the size of their previous location.  This locally owned business has been passed down through three generations, and is the largest and longest-standing Kosher market in the DC area.


Three generations of Shalom Kosher Market: Max, Larry and Justin Dekelbaum

If you are a Kosher family, you probably already know it well, as they stock over 25,000 Kosher products! But if, like me, you are focused on health, freshness, quality and affordability, do not overlook this store. In addition to amazingly and exquisitely cut meats, poultry and fish, you will find organic products and all of the everyday, recognizable brands you desire. Huggies, Tide, Cheerios, Crest, Apple & Eve juice boxes…the gang’s all there.

I wish I was not so in love with on-site bakery. The lactose-free breads, cookies, cakes, pastries are baked fresh daily. I always buy their challah for my Thanksgiving stuffing. It is the best I have tasted. And my kids are obsessed with the rainbow cookies for their birthdays and class parties. If you have gluten-free family members, there is a huge, new gluten-free section. 

The full service meat department makes me feel like I am in a beautiful time warp. The butchers counsel you on what are the right cuts, sizes and choices for your family. Once I was told the pot roast was on special, just like Sam used to tell Mrs. Brady and Alice! I love ordering my fresh, non-frozen, gorgeously-farmed turkey from Shalom at Thanksgiving and picking it up the day before, knowing it will be exactly the size I need for my group and so tender no brining is needed.

Shalom Kosher also has the largest selection of kosher wines in Maryland. I personally find that kosher wine gives me less headaches than non-kosher, which is great because Shalom offers a 10 percent discount wine cases.

Thanks for reading my little love letter to my favorite local grocery store. I hope to see you there! Maybe at the November 20 wine and cheese tasting?

wine and cheese tasting sign for site

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by The Shalom Group. All opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. Jessica,
    They must have paid you a lot of advertising money to write that piece on Shalom’s! We are a kosher-keeping family that lives down the street from that store and we HATE it. The prices are horrible and the bakery uses the cheapest, most awful ingredients full of chemicals. The produce is not great including waxy apples and cucumbers–not my idea of health food. They obtained that location by cheating and lying. We miss Magruder’s so much as they had great prices on kosher food as well as regular products. The only thing I have nice to say is the staff is helpful and friendly for the most part. Buyer beware!

    • They did not pay me a lot of advertising money. I take what I write very seriously and operate my blog with integrity. Many other bloggers do not disclose sponsorships, but I pride myself on operating my site with complete transparency.

      I will leave your comment up to provide readers with your opinion and experience. However, I am personally offended and saddened by the insinuation that I would write something false for cash. The comment calls into question my personal integrity.

      Thank you for reading. – Jessica

  2. I would love to have a real meat department and/or butcher close by. How lovely that that type of customer service still exists.

  3. Chaya sounds as if she has a personal grudge and thinks it’s OK to try and impugn a respected and wonderful business Shame on you!

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