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Guest contributor Yihung Mohs is the owner of  Silver Spring Dream Dinners and the talented writer of the The Silver Spring Dream Dinners Blog

Is Thanksgiving the best holiday to celebrate? Hands down, many shout a resounding “YES!” Why? Because it’s all about family and friendships. It’s about tradition where your favorite people gather around the table and give thanks for simply being together.

There is no gift buying, no materialistic mayhem and little in the way to make this more than what the holiday is meant to be: simply good home cooked comfort food. This is the holiday where we all yearn for the memories of previous Thanksgivings while creating new traditions. While the people around our table often change, the spirit of the holiday remains.

Studies have shown that those who recognize and see the beauty in their lives are happier and healthier than people who don’t. An attitude of thankfulness and gratitude can often be difficult to express, given the headlines in the news and the challenging times everyone faces at some point. But practicing gratitude is the most powerful way to help change our circumstances.

So this Thanksgiving season, let’s take a few moments to not only be thankful but to take the time to cherish and savor the day. Here are some fun and meaningful games to play this around the table that focus on what this holiday is all about. These are great ideas for every member of the family, no matter how young or old!

Guess Who

As guests arrive, have them write down on a small piece of paper what they are grateful for. Once all of the answers have been gathered, and everyone is resting their full tummies around the table, call out the answers one by one and have everyone guess who gave the answer.

Alphabet Game

Go around each guest at the table. Starting with the letter “A” have the first person mention something they are grateful for that starts with that letter. The next person will have letter “B” and so on.

Discussion Topics

In the week prior to Thanksgiving, think of several discussion topics that you can write down on individual sheets of paper. Possible questions:

  • What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?
  • What is your favorite Thanksgiving food and why?
  • What do you remember was the worst food item ever served on Thanksgiving? (Everybody has a horror story of a well-intended menu item that didn’t turn out well!)

Keep the questions positive and uplifting. Fold them and place in a jar. Have each guest open a question and answer around the table.

Finally, make your Thanksgiving as stress free as possible. Of course, expect some chaos, as that is the nature of this often crazy day. But if you are hosting this year, plan well in advance so you are able to sit back and enjoy the day as much as possible. Let Dream Dinners help you with your sanity plan as we have several family favorite side dishes this November ready to go. If you are not familiar with Dream Dinners, schedule a Taste to check it out.

Happy Thanksgiving, and let’s be grateful!

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