Kids’ Birthday Parties in DC: Playseum UPSTAIRS


My big kids love the Playseum UPSTAIRS (read my comprehensive review) for every day play stops and friend hangouts. So it came as no surprise that a birthday party at the Playseum Upstairs was one of our best parties ever. 

My son, his boy friends and his two tag-a-long sisters had a blast! The boys kept remarking how this was one of the most awesome birthday parties they had attended. Here’s how the party went down.

The boys arrived and were gifted with BU Bucks, good for them to spend on various activities throughout the space. This allowed the boys to individualize their experience.

The guys then made their own milkshakes in the kid kitchen with the help of owner Gina Seebachan. After downing about a gallon of ice cream and a vat of sprinkles each, the guys were ready to choose their own adventures.

They alternated played instruments and singing karaoke; playing billiards, foosball, basketball and even indoor arrow shooting; playing board games; having pillow fights; and eating pizza and drinking sinful sodas.

But their absolute favorite part was the giant craft room. They made fuzzy pillows, painted birdhouses and treasure boxes, painted ceramic tiles and decorated picture frames. They used the BU bucks to choose the items they would like to make, many of them generously making gifts for their families. When they were out of bucks, they molded an entire hobbit village out of clay and cheered on Charlie as he spray painted his name on the birthday wall. (Seriously cool.)

Instead of cake, they wrapped up the party with food challenges (CHUBBYBUNNY) and silly songs for the birthday boy.

Parties cost $225-$375 (not including gratuity for the party helpers.) As a mom of three who has been throwing off-site birthday parties for my kids since 2005, I found this price extremely affordable.

The party was unique and a roaring success. I totally recommend this for your child age 8-14. 

Happy 10th Charlie!

Gina Seebachan, owner of the Be With Me The Playseum (go there with your toddlers and preschoolers, it’s amazing) and the Playseum UPSTAIRS, gifted a Super Cool Party to my son for review purposes. I purchased additional BU bucks for party attendees, goodie bags, provided tips to the staff and made a donation to Seebachan’s favorite charity that serves children in India, LifeBridge Ministries India. All opinions are my own. 


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