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Watch These Fire Safety Music Vids and Enter to Win a $25 Gift Card to Purchase Your Favorite Kids’ Albums (2 Winners!)

Music and entertaining streaming videos are appealing to kids, which makes them a great way to introduce your children to important educational and safety concepts. We Are Teachers and its fire safety site, Sparky’s, has produced two such engaging videos on fire safety. And they enlisted two of my kids’ ultimate artists, SteveSongs and Recess Monkey, to teach through song!

Little Rosalie by SteveSongs. With the help of Sparky the Fire Dog, SteveSongs helps kids stay fire safe by leading them through the four key steps for fire safety. There are even easy to follow dance steps and moves. 

What’s That Sound? By Recess Monkey. In this fire safety video Recess Monkey and friends take a rollicking ride aboard a flying smoke alarm to teach children and their families important fire-safety skills. 

If you are a teacher or homeschooler, you can try out one of the lesson plans at Sparky’s Schoolhouse with your kids. 

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  1. Mary Happymommy says

    My daughter loves the Fresh Beat Band.

  2. They like Coldplay’s lullaby album.

  3. Now I’m going to have “what’s that sound?” playing in my head all day!

  4. My kids like odd stuff – Indigo Girls, Mika and anything by Katy Perry (makes me cringe) is on their preferred playlists.

  5. We like Sarah McLachlan

  6. My girls love Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and 1D

  7. One Direction is the biggest favorite here! Katy Perry is also popular. They are all ok except for ONE — won’t mention the name – but his initials are JB. Nothing by him will ever come in this house!!! LOL. Can’t stand Taylor Swift, either, so I hope they never take a liking to her.

  8. Taylor Swift

  9. It’s not really a band, but we have a Wee Sing Around the World CD that we love. It’s got kids’ songs from all over the world, sung in their native language. The African songs are my favorite.

  10. Sandra VanHoey says

    I cannot remember the name of this guy but he came to my grandsons school and sang several songs for the kids. He sings that song mosquito burrito, sorry I cannot remember the name right now.

  11. Susan Christy says

    Follow you on Instagram

  12. Susan Christy says

    Follow on Pinterest

  13. Barbara Montag says

    The kids love The Not-Its – thank you.

  14. Barbara Montag says

    Subscribed to your You tube jalapenomama

  15. Melissa L. says

    We love oldies. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. shelly peterson says

    We love so many but we like Rihanna a lot.

  17. Amanda Sakovitz says

    We love Selena Gomez!

  18. Thomas Murphy says

    We like Taylor Swift.

  19. iamalighthouse says

    Who won? 🙂

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