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 Disclosure: This post is sponsored by greeNEWit. All opinions and experiences are my own.

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Did you know that each month on our Maryland utility bills, we pay into a service that most of us never utilize?

And that once we do use it, we receive loads of home upgrade products as well as save hundreds annually on our energy bills?

I had no clue!

I received 17 home improvement products I would normally have paid more than $200 for at Home Depot, and I will now save $259 on my annual Pepco bill!

You HAVE to do this, too.

This service is the Maryland Quick Home Energy Check-Up (QHEC), provided by greeNEWit. Check out your monthly Pepco or other utility provider bill and on the back you will see that small line item of a couple dollars or so each month listed as the Empower MD charge.  As part of the Empower Maryland Energy Efficiency Act, the QHEC provides us Maryland families with the opportunity to have energy-efficient products installed at no additional cost to what you already pay on your normal utility bills. It applies to both homeowners and renters.


Once I learned about this, I was eager to redeem my savings and it was super easy. I went online to schedule my appointment. Using the accessible online calendar, I clicked an available appointment time that worked for my family and work schedule. You can also set up an appointment by phone at 866.994.7639.


At my assigned time, a kind young man named Seth Fawcett rang the bell and within just 30 minutes of entering my home (with very little needed of me) he assessed my home’s energy use. Once he had performed the visual energy assessment, we quickly sat down and Seth went over the energy-saving improvements he recommended, and I got to choose from a variety of energy-saving products he could install in my home at no charge.

Changes Seth and I agreed upon and he immediately implemented for me:

  • In the highest traffic areas of my home that did not already have compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), Seth replaced the 12 bulbs. This included fancy recessed lighting in hard-to-find sizes and unwieldy locations like the cathedral ceiling in my living room that is a BEAR to change out bulbs.

  • He turned the water heater that services my children’s bathroom from 130 degrees to 120 degrees. This will save on our energy bill as well as improve safety for our children’s baths.

  • He replaced showerheads in two bathrooms with efficient-flow showerheads. I opted to do this in the two guest bathrooms since I prefer my custom showerhead in the master bath.

  • He installed three special faucet aerators in our children’s and master bath sinks. Although they reduce water usage, the flow seems even better to us as we wash our faces and brush our teeth.

The environmentalist in me loves that these simple measures will result in an estimated total energy savings of 634 kWh of electricity, 24,090 gallons of water and 38 therms of gas per year. These changes will prevent nearly 1/2 tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

The saver in me loves that this fast home appointment will also save me an estimated $259 on my annual Pepco bill!

The annual savings breakdown:

  • Electricity 634 kWh = $92.52

  • Water 24,090 gal = $120.45

  • Gas 38 therms = $45.60

Other services you can choose during the Quick Home Energy Check-Up by greeNEWit, tailored to your home’s energy needs:

  • Gifting/installation of smart strips, energy-efficient power strips (I already had these.)

  • Water pipe insulation and/or water heater tank wrap

And if you are jazzed about learning ways we can be more energy-efficient at home and save on our energy bills, there are additional services provided by greeNEWit. The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Audit is the next step I will be taking in learning how to improve my home’s comfort, energy efficiency and lower my utility bill. A specially-trained energy auditor will perform a visual and diagnostic energy assessment and then provide recommendations on ways to reduce consumption and save you money. You can also explore the addition of solar panels to your home.

But the first and easiest step? Signing up for your already-paid-for Quick Home Energy Check-Up today! Mention that you heard about it on A Parent in Silver Spring and leave a comment on this post to let me know about your experience.

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