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Washington, DC-area personal trainer Hector Vargas of Via-Wellness provides group fitness programs

When I learned from friends that Hector Vargas of Via-Wellness.com was offering a morning boot camp workout for women in my Silver Spring neighborhood, how could I say no? I read his bio and was intrigued.

My fitness level and weight loss had plateaued. I was doing the same sort-of frequent easy workouts (the elliptical, yoga classes, the odd group weight training class or slow, short run.) My body was not changing and I knew I had to up my game. I just had not figured out how to go about it.

I knew that hiring a personal trainer would be a good choice, but the price is often high and I have not always had the greatest luck with trainers I was assigned by gym managers. (Usually I was paired with a bored guy who yawned while he chaperoned me around the Nautilus machines and I did not break a sweat.) What I wanted was a trainer who I could afford who truly knew how to help me up my fitness and bring down my body fat.

It turned out that Hector was exactly the trainer I needed…and the he is also the trainer my 22 friends in my morning women’s work out club needed, too.

Group fitness yields amazing results

This fitness community Hector has created has been incredible. By coming together, we can decrease the cost of a personal training session and inspire each other. It is a whole lot harder to hit the snooze button on your iPhone in the morning when you know that your fellow women will notice when you skip. And you are much less likely to slow your run to a walk, or skip that last set of squats, when the rest of the group keeps on going.


Bootcamp basics

How does the bootcamp work? We all meet at 6am two mornings a week for one hour. Hector has us alternate cardio-focused and strength-training focused workouts, although every session has many elements of each.

We squat, we lunge, we sprint, we jog, we pull heavy sleds, we use our muscles in ways that will force our bodies to change and improve.

We sweat. A lot. We pant. We gulp water. We train hard.

Most importantly, we are supervised by an experienced trainer who knows just how to push us without hurting our bodies; Hector is always hyper-concerned about our avoiding injury.

My transformation

I have lost 10 pounds since we began in the spring. (I know I could have lost more if I stopped drinking alcohol completely and eliminated my beloved carbohydrate snacks…but I have started doing that now. It is go time.) But more important to me than the weight loss is my dramatically increased fitness.

  • I can run a 5K now, on any random weekday, not just once or twice a year in a formal race.
  • I can do 30 “guy” pushups, when before I always did them on my knees. At the start of the program I could only do three, very poor form pushups from a plank position.
  • My butt has traveled several inches up. 
  • My cellulite has smoothed as my muscles beneath have been put to work.

I have lost weight before. But I have never seen such changes in my athletic ability since high school.

I cannot believe the changes that have occurred from simply hauling my booty up early two mornings a week. I have continued my regular, more gentle workouts on 2-3 other days a week, but it is the hard work with Hector and my morning women’s team that is making the difference.

Check out some photos I took one recent morning (with my teammates’ permission.)


Diet mentoring

Hector also provides us with amazing nutrition counseling. He provides us with information about what we should be, and should not be, eating. He gives great, hilarious, accessible talks to us when we are doing floor work at the end of our workouts. He also sends fabulous e-mails full of training tips and diet guidelines to our group which he tailors to address our questions.

You can learn a ton from Hector too from reading his Healthy Homeboy blog. You will also crack up. His humor is fierce and his advice is straight forward. Some of my favorite gems from Hector’s blog that I really should blow up and paste all over my kitchen.

“If you are a 5’2? tall woman who eats like a 6ft tall man, you will probably weigh what that man weighs.”

“If you drink alcohol more than 3 times a week, which is creeping up on 50% of the year, you will have one heck of a time trying to lose weight.”

“If you think that working out twice during the week, and eating relatively clean for 4 days (you had a salad here and there and drank some water) has earned you the right to go out on the weekend and drink and eat like a Marine on liberty after a long deployment, you will struggle to lose weight.”

— Hector Vargas, HealthyHomeboy.com


Hector Vargas can train you, too

I am feeling so great about Hector’s morning fitness club that I wanted to share my experience with you. Hector does have room in his schedule to bring his skills to YOUR group as well.

Hector’s strengths are working with a group of motivated people who are committed to getting fit. He also has achieved outstanding results working one-on-one with women and men who have a good deal of weight to lose. Read the success stories on Hector’s Via-Wellness website to learn more about the transformations he has inspired.

This is not a sponsored post. I feel like I should be paying Hector a whole lot more than I already do for my membership in the workout club because of the enormous gifts he has given me: a tighter butt, a smaller waist, athletic endurance I did not know was possible, and friendships with a group of women I treasure.

To organize your own group or personal training sessions with Hector, contact him via e-mail at Hector@VIA-Wellness.com or call him at 301.873.7268. 



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