Weekend Pick: Ringing Bros. at Verizon


Nothing makes this ho-hum time of year (I’m looking at you, cold, annoying March) special like a night out at The Greatest Show on Earth. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s LEGENDS is in town this weekend, and moving on to Baltimore and Fairfax for subsequent shows.

We have come to consider ourselves Ringling Bros. groupies. Every single time we visit this amazing circus we are impressed and wowed.

Be sure to arrive one hour early to attend the free-with-your-ticket All Access Pre-Show on the circus floor. You can get autographs from circus stars, try on costumes, learn acrobatic skills, and juggle with the clowns. In the souvenir areas around the Verizon center, you can also have your child’s face painted or obtain professional photos for additional fees.


Johnathan Lee Iverson is the most ringmasterish of ringmasters. His deep singing voice and exciting introductions of all acts truly makes the show. Joined by his multitalented dancing, acrobatics turning and dancing sidekick Paulo Dos Santos, the two men keep the crowd entertained and LEGENDS unified throughout.


11 year old Charlie’s favorite act in LEGENDS was the Torres family motorcyclists who bring eight(!) bikes traveling 65 miles per hour into the Globe of Steel! How they drive on the ceiling of the globe and not crash into each other boggles the mind.

Dog-obsessed Eve is in love with the Hans and Mariya Klose’s canine performers. Many of the dogs are rescued from shelters! Joining the dogs this year in LEGENDS was a 650-pound pig and llamas, and Eve loved their antics, too.

Alice said that her favorite act were the acrobats and trapeze artists.  The 28-person acrobatic troupe from China who assembled themselves on just two bicycles blew her mind.

on two bikes

Attending the Ringling Bros. circus last night was so special. Rather than dreaming of spring and summer, vacations and the future, we were able to achieve amazing family memories and get the big happy even on a cold night in March. This top-notch show soothed our savage cranky souls.

Disclosure: My family and I were provided with review tickets; no additional compensation received. 

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