Max Brenner Bethesda: Sweet Treat or Birthday Party

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The A Parent in Silver Spring crew met up with our old, dear friends the Dalys for a decadently delicious day out at Max Brenner Chocolate Bar in Bethesda. The day was too hot for a playground and the occasion was too special not to celebrate!

Our six kids delved into dipping their fruit, marshmallow and cakes into rich milk and dark chocolate fondue, as well as roasting s’mores right at the table. We had a couple allergies amongst the kids and the Max Brenner staff was amazing about knowing the ingredients of all items and making sure any allergic kids had their very own parceled out items.



My fellow mom Deanna and I also had a coffee drink each which were their own bits of heaven. It was a such a special event, and felt luxurious and grown up for the kids while still being completely kid-friendly.

For six kids and two adults, an order of the Classic European Fondue for Two and an order of Pure S’mores were plenty. You can always ask for more strawberries if necessary to finish off the chocolate. Our total came to about the same as if we had met up with our friends at an ice cream shop! But if ice cream is your treat of choice, Max Brenner has supposedly seriously great shakes. Sorry, I was too full to try!

Eve declared that she would love to have her birthday party at Max Brenner, and they can definitely do that! You can book a party for any age, or a dessert-themed moms’ day or night out. Here are some party options as a starting point which you can customize.

bday-packagages party-options

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar Bethesda 

7263 Woodmont Avene

Bethesda, MD 

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Thanks to Max Brenner for hosting our group. No additional compensation received. 

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