Great Face: Eco-Facial by Skincando’s Sara Damelio at Emerald Door Silver Spring

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Give yourself the gift of a better complexion and younger looking skin with a luxurious organic facial.

Last month I headed to The Emerald Door Eco-Chic Spa in Silver Spring to visit Sara Damelio, creator of the celebrated Skincando skincare products (which I have raved about).

There I received an Eco-Luxe Facial, and I am still debating which benefit I enjoyed the most.

The pampering and relaxation during the treatment?

The big improvement in my skin clarity and texture?

The recommended products that I purchased that were completely reasonably priced (like less than CVS prices) but have made a big difference in how my face looks?

Maybe you can help me decide.



After a cup of tea and a hang with my mom in the gorgeous space that is The Emerald Door (as one of my Christmas gifts, my mother received an Eco-Chic Milk and Honey Mani), I headed back with the delightful and tranquil Sara to the treatment room. I dove into the robe and under the covers and thoroughly relaxed for 90 minutes of bliss.

I received a customized treatment for my acne-prone but aging skin. My facial regime included

  • Organic rose steaming
  • Triple cleansing of my pores
  • Pumpkin enzyme peel
  • Ultrasonic dermabrasion
  • Extractions (very gentle, no markings after)
  • Charcoal detox therapy
  • Treatment mask
  • Body massage
  • Scalp massage
  • Serum
  • Moisturizing with Skincando Miracle Cream

I walked out looking and feeling like a new person, and so completely relaxed.


In that facial everything bad about my skin was removed (well, all that could be done non-surgically!). I walked out with glowing, plumped up skin with fine lines and discolorations and weird textures erased. And as the week progressed, I saw my skin come even further to life. The microdermabrasion got rid of dead skin around my nose especially. The extractions cleaned up the pimple party on my chin. The peel reduced the lines on my forehead. I began 2016 with a better face than I had in 2015, even one year older.

sara skincando


Sara asked what I was using on my skin, and advised me as to which items I should keep using and which items I should consider changing out due to my skin type. She recommended a new charcoal cleanser that cost less than my current cleanser, and has greatly reduced my pimples and blackheads over the last month! She also recommended a light toner spray that she said would help hydrate my skin and cut down the need for too much pore-clogging moisturizer. Additionally, she recommended an organic, aluminum-free underarm deodorant that actually works for daily use!

I spent less than $50 and walked out of there with amazing luxury green products. This was completely different than standard salons’ post-facial upsells of mega-expensive skin care regimes. Sara’s advice was akin to what your best friend would suggest…if your best friend has 15 years of experience as one of the country’s top eco-facialists!


Mini Facial/$65/30 min: Triple cleansing, pumpkin enzyme peel, massage, treatment mask, serum, Miracle Cream

Eco-Facial/$100/60 min: Organic rose steam, triple cleansing, pumpkin enzyme peel, ultrasonic dermabrasion, extractions, massage, treatment mask, serum, Miracle Cream

Eco-Luxe Facial/$145/90 min: Organic rose steam, triple cleansing, pumpkin enzyme peel, massage, ultrasonic dermabrasion, extractions, charcoal detox therapy, scalp massage, treatment mask, serum, Miracle Cream

Men’s Soap + Water Hot Shave Facial/$55/60 min: Triple cleansing, chamomile steam, shave, charcoal mask, massage, Combat-Ready Balm

Flower Water Waxing/Eyebrows $25/Lip $15/Chin $20/Face $45: Expert waxing using Lycon wax and local floral essential oils

Vegetable Tinting/Brows $25/Lashes $35


Fridays and Saturdays are the best days to catch Sara Damelio at The Emerald Door Silver Spring.

Book your appointment by contacting or by calling The Emerald Door at 301.587.5800

The Emerald Door Eco-Spa

8311 Grubb Road

Silver Spring, MD 20910 

(intersection of DC/Silver Spring/Chevy Chase) 


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