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andrea spadaforaIf you are looking to simplify your wellness routines, Balance Point Studio‘s Andrea Spadafora offers several therapeutic services. He is a registered massage practitioner and a certified personal trainer with offices in downtown Silver Spring.

Andrea contacted me with an offer for a website review massage, and I realized that I had already experienced his massage services at his prior work location. (This is when you realize that the cosmopolitan DC area is in many ways a small town.)

I can attest that he provides an excellent and healing deep tissue massage that tackled my hunched-over-a-desk upper back issues. He offers a range of massage services, such as sports, prenatal. Swedish, Thai and hot stone massage therapies.

So I agreed to bring my sedentary winter bod into Balance Point for a private personal training session focused on weight loss. I had let Andrea know that I am a fan of of yoga, and so he led me through an intense routine that combined strong yoga moves with high intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises.

I would just like to say that I deeply preferred the yoga portion (burpees! why do I loathe you so?), but I know it was because those moves took me out of my comfort zone, and only there can my fitness level change. Andrea was kind and peaceful through my struggles, offering gentle corrections to my form and patience during my necessary water breaks.

After nearly an hour of sun salutations, yogi push ups, moving planks, HIIT moves, balancing exercises and more, I could feel that my muscles had moved in new ways. I was sweaty. I was challenged. I had worked a heck of a lot harder than my standard newspaper-on-the-elliptical space out or group yoga class.


Andrea says,  “As a massage therapist, I believe in the healing power of touch and I work to create a cleansing and energizing experience for each client. As a personal trainer, I inspire my clients to achieve an optimal state of health using controlled movements, expert alignment, bio-mechanics, and breath, to lengthen and strengthen the body efficiently while minimizing the risk of injury.”

Andrea works to devise a customized plan with each client that is both powerful and practical to achieve results. And I do not doubt it is extremely effective!

I felt that perfect muscle soreness for two days after our workout that lets you know your body was challenged, but I had no injury or pain. It was nice to be acquainted with my muscles again. (With enough of Andrea’s coaching on diet and a customized exercise plan, I might even get a better look at them.)

The rate of $85/hour or $130/90 minutes applies to most massage therapies as well as personal training services.


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