We Got Annie (in DC) and You’ve Got to See It!


Apparently I earned my Coolest Mom Ever card by scoring media review tickets for my girls and me to attend the national Broadway tour of Annie.

Annie is playing for a very limited run at The National Theatre daily through this Sunday, March 20th and tickets are still available for all six remaining shows!

All three of us had never before seen the classic Broadway production of Annie. I was raised on the Aileen Quinn 1982 film (I probably have seen it more than 100 times and I literally wore the record out) and my girls are in love with that movie as well as the modern remake with Quvenzhané Wallis. But the Broadway production of this Depression Era plucky child orphan is the real deal, and actually credits Annie with inspiring FDR’s New Deal! We loved every single classic trapping, from the hard knock life girls to the singing Hooverville to the cigarillo chewing FDR and his frustrated White House staff.

In full disclosure, Eve wanted me to make sure and tell you that Sandy is a live dog in this play and super duper cute … but he does not get as much stage time as she would have liked.

Alice wanted me to tell you that the girls who play the orphans are real live little girls “just like us” and are not grown ups acting like kids. (And what truly lovable and amazing theater kids they were! They were the perfect combo of professional singers and dancers, and believable, funny kids.)

Taking my girls to see this classic production felt like an iconic American moment and is something we three will always remember. The songs, dances and sentiment were beautiful and heartwarming.

Oh, Alice wants me to also tell you that there is a “snack break” and they have Reese’s at the concession.

Go see Annie for this super short run in DC! It’s totally worth it and wonderful.


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