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This summer you have to head to Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania. This amazing amusement park has thrilling rides, a water park and zoo included in your single admission, and more incredible family fun. Read on for the reasons A-Z that this getaway for East Coast families rocks, and at the end of the post enter to win 4 free tickets to Hersheypark for 2016!ย 

App – The official Hersheypark app is like having a Hersheypark staff member guide in your pocket when you are on-site at the park. The app provides turn-by-turn directions to the attraction to which you’re heading, ride wait time alerts, food locations, and more. Download before you leave for special discounts, too!

Boardwalk – All of the fun at The Boardwalk At Hersheypark, the on-site summer season water park, is included in your one-price admission ticket! There are 14 swimsuit-required attractions including water slides, interactive splash pads, a lazy river and a wave pool.

Coasters – The roller coasters at Hersheypark are some of the very best in the world. There are 13 coasters in all, and half of them are scream-your-self-silly amazing.

C coasters

Dance, Dance, Dance – The brand new resident show is a Broadway-style musical journey through American history. The cast sings and dances beloved patriotic, theater and movie songs. Located inside the spacious Chevrolet Music Box Theatre, this is an entertaining and cool counterpoint to all the thrilling rides in your day at the park.

Eating – Did you know that you are allowed to bring your own picnic inside of the park? Anything but outside alcohol is allowed. However, we never picnic because the dining options at Hersheypark are too delicious. From quick service to full service dining options, there are loads of yummy places to snack, sip and have a great meal.

Front Row Seat to Best Offers – The easiest thing you can do to snag special savings is to join the Hersheypark insider email list. You can receive invitations and alerts about the best new offerings!

Games – My kids can never get enough of the deluxe midway games at Hersheypark. There are 40 in the park.

H Hershey Lodge

Hershey Lodge & The Hotel Hershey – When you stay at an official Hershey property you receive mega freebies and benefits. You will score the best price on admission, complimentary shuttle service, even early access to select rides. And the hotels themselves are incredible, with on-site water parks and more family fun! (See “W” below.)

Ice cream – Save room for the Turkey Hill Parlor, an old fashioned ice creamery with deluxe Hershey-themed sundaes. And there are more treats and goodies galore all over Hersheypark, many of them chocolate, of course.

Jam out – The music throughout Hersheypark is jamming. We loved dancing along with The Soda Pops and more resident music shows. And on Saturdays and Sundays in September you can catch big acts in the Hershey Summer Concert Series.

K Kiddie Rides

Kiddie Rides – The littlest members of your clan are never left out: There are more than 20 kiddie rides at Hersheypark! Our Alice tried them all and loved every single one, without one second of “too scary!”

Laff Trakk – The first indoor, spinning, glow-coaster in the United States, Laff Trakk is fun for everyone in the family. It does not invert to keep young elementary schoolers from freaking out, but is exciting enough for even the biggest thrill seekers.

Meal Tickets – Another awesome way to save is with Hersheypark Meal Tickets. For $15 each ticket gets you one entree, one side and one refillable Souvenir Cup, all redeemable at 23 dining locations.

New in 2016 – If you are a Hersheypark veteran, you will love all that is new for 2016 at Hershey. There are new season pass holder perks, new refillable souvenir cup deals, new dining options and check out letter W for the scoop onย Hershey’s Water Works at Hershey Lodge!

J Jam Out

Other Hershey Attractions – While you’re in Hershey, PA, be sure to visit Hershey’s Chocolate World, Hershey Gardens and the Hershey Story Museum. Of course, you will get free passes to the museum and gardens if you stay at an official Hershey property, and the Chocolate Tour at Chocolate World is also free. Make a weekend of it!

Peppermint Patty – You can meet and take photos with Patty, Kit Kat, Hershey Bar, Miss Kiss and more of the Hershey’s Characters strolling through the park, at Hershey’s hotel properties and during the special Hershey Character Breakfast.

Quiz Show vs. the Hershey’s Characters – This hilarious summer show pits the Hershey’s Characters in a game show again the audience. Find out if you are smarter than a candy bar.

Retail – Allowance and birthday money can be put to good use at the retail shops at Hersheypark. Toys, clothing, souvenirs, stuffed animals, and of course, chocolate treats and novelties can be found at the 24 on-site shops. And there are practical items too for if you forgot the essentials at home. Pick up sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, swim diapers and more!

G games

Season Passes – The best (and most reasonable) way to enjoy Hersheypark more than once in a calendar year is with a Season Pass. You’ll get unlimited visits, free parking, exclusive discounts, priority bookings and more.

Twizzlers – Are you a Twizzler or Hershey’s Miniature? The candy-themed ride height categories at Hersheypark make finding the thrills best for kids so easy. Just stand up against an official measurement station at the park entrances and guest services, find the kids’ candy categories and then look for the signs at each ride.

Upgrades – Want to make sure that you lower your line wait time for popular rides? Upgrade to a Hersheypark Fast Track Pass! You will be able to skip the lines for one ride on 10 coasters and get a Bonus Ride on Laff Trakk!

Value pack for Games – If your kids are going to be playing more than a couple of the carnival games at Hersheypark, be sure to pick up the Games Value Pack and you’ll save more than 30 percent.

W water works

Water Works – The brand new, just opened Hershey’s Water Works at Hershey Lodge is a destination in itself. We stayed overnight at Hershey Lodge on our last visit, spending our first day maxing out on all things fun at Hersheypark, and our second day enjoying this incredible water park that is free for guests. Water Works is 30,000 square feet of family fun with thrilling water slides, interactive fountains, a Swiss-Family-Robinson-tree house of a water play house, tipping buckets, mini slides for young kids, beach entry pool and more!

Xteme Cup ChallengeReese’s Xtreme Cup Challenge is a favorite ride for kids (and adults) who love gaming. In this interactive indoor ride, independently rotating cars travel through competition zones.

Yes, please! – What you and your kids will say when you are offered Hershey samples throughout the park, hotels and tours. From the Hershey’s Chocolate Tour to the special kids’ check in at The Hotel Hershey and Hershey Lodge, your family will be gifted with sweet treats at every turn.

ZooAmerica – With your admission to Hersheypark you receive free within-the-park access to ZooAmerica at Hersheypark. This walk-thru zoo is open year-round and within its 11 acres are over 200 animals from all over North America.

M Memories

4 Tickets to Hershey Park

Disclosure: As a member of the Hershey Sweetest Moms, my family and I were hosted at Hersheypark and Hershey Lodge.ย 


  1. Kim Trebel says

    I went as a child and remember loving the Hershey Kiss shaped light posts and the amazing smells of Hershey! I would love to take the kids there for a getaway..

  2. I loved Hershey Park as a kid and would love an opportunity to introduce it to my kids. Thanks!

  3. Our family loves chocolate so much, all four of us would jump into a pool of chocolate! Also, we’ve never been to Hershey Park!

  4. Heather F. says

    Now that would be a sweet trip! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. This is the boys’ favorite amusement park!!

  6. You win for clever post of the year. Love it. Great reminder of a treasure we have nearby – and woot on the roller coasters!

  7. Would love to take wife and my two sons who are autistic and love the park. There is so much for them to do there.

  8. This looks like such a fun time. It has been too many years since we visited!

  9. Looks like fun! Love your blog post from A to Z.

  10. Lindsay Maines says

    Would love to take our newest for a spin on the Carousel!!! Looks awesome.:)

  11. We love Hershey Park! So much so that we have gone every year for the last few years. There’s always so much to do and there always seems to never be enough to get to everything. Would love to go again!

  12. Haven’t been since I was a kid and it’s been on the list to take our son. What a great opp to go- thanks so much!

  13. I would love to check out the water park area and the kids’ rides! We haven’t been together as a family.

  14. Looks like so much fun! We’d love to win.

  15. Monica S. says

    What a great list! We haven’t been to Hershey Park in ages. Sounds like there’s quite a bit new to see and do!

  16. Carrie H. says

    We’ve never been to Hershey Park, so we would be excited to try anything! This would be my kids first time in an amusement park and I know it would be a good time for them.

  17. Honestly, I’d probably give my brother the tickets, but I would love for my daughter to experience it – I have not been in years!!

  18. I havent been for like 10 years and I miss it! Hope i get the chance.

  19. Kristin D. says

    Remarkably, my family and I have not been to Hershey Park. We would LOVE to go. Some of us like huge rides, some like the small ones, everyone likes a water park and a zoo, and we all LOVE chocolate! Thanks Jess!

  20. Patti Lalley says

    If i won, i would look forward to a visit to “waterworks” – sounds fun!

  21. Hersheypark was my kids’ first amusement park a few years ago. It’d be fun to take them back to see their new reactions to it.

  22. We have never gone in the summer before. We go for christmas to chocolate world and the kids go for band competitions but never in the summer so it would be so fun to waterworks. crossing fingers

  23. I went as a kid and would love to take my kids

  24. JODI SCHULZ says

    We went last year and Michael loved it! I’d love to go back and stay at a Hershey resort!

  25. Hershey Park is so much fun, would love a trip with the family!

  26. Anjanette Johnston says

    We have been wanting to go to visit Hershey – this is the push we need!! Love it and love seeing you doing great!

  27. I would like to have my kids create their own candy bars at Hershey.

  28. You can make your own candy bars at Hershey??!?!?!? And here all hubby keeps talking about is the roller coasters. I haven’t been since I was ten, so it’s all a little hazy still. Ha!

  29. Domonique says

    Wow! How exciting! My family would love this adventure! Now they have water works too?!?!?! I went years ago with family, but since then, my husband and I have started our own family and this would be a memory that our family will have forever!

  30. Looks like great fun, especially with the new water works at the hotel!

  31. Tracy McMechan says

    I’d love for my son to ride roller coasters with us now that he is tall enough!

  32. would love for my kids to try the water park!

  33. Anjana Solaiman says

    We have been the Hershey three times and loved each visit.

  34. Patricia C. says

    My son and his friend would love smelling the chocolate in the air!

  35. Rebecca Hill says

    Its been many years since I’ve been to Hershey Park, it would be great to go back with the kids now that they are older. All your latest and updated information will be extremely helpful! Thanks!

  36. rebecca Thomas says

    I never went there as a child, so when I had my kids I was more than excited to take them!! We went during Christmas and it was surreal….so splendid and magical!!! not to mention a short ride from maryland too! I most excited about going again during the holiday season and getting to be a kid again WITH my kiddos!!

  37. Jim Hayes says

    I wan to experience the Laff Trakk ride. I went to Hershey Park few years ago and I’ve gotten on every ride, but Laff Trakk wasn’t done when I last went. My favorite ride is Fahrenheit, just a truly insane roller coaster!

  38. Thanks for the blog post and giveaway! It looks super fun! I haven’t been since I was a child. I hope to take my children there this summer!

  39. This awesome giveaway is right on time! I just saw a commercial for Hershey Park and plan on doing a family trip before the summer’s out. ๐Ÿ™‚

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