Jumanji at Adventure Theatre MTC: Do Not Miss!

Ryan Caro as Peter, Billie Krishawn as Judy

The A Parent in Silver Spring crew almost missed Jumanji this summer, but we are so happy we didn’t!

Swim team. Summer camps. Vacations. Sitter coordinations. As my kids get older, summers become an even more complicated Jenga game of adding and taking away activities and obligations.

But there is one game you need to make time for this summer before it is put back away in the closet: JUMANJI at Adventure Theatre MTC in Glen Echo Park. This children’s theatre play runs through August 28, and is the ideal production for kids age preschool through tween.

The play is adapted from the celebrated, Caldecott-winning children’s picture book by Adventure Theatre’s own Michael J. Bobbitt, Artistic Director, and playwright Sandra Eskin. The play’s creative production, puppetry and special effects bring the audience along for a stampede, an underwater adventure, a monsoon, animal attacks, monkeys and a volcano eruption. My family and I felt we were there for all of the adventure and suspense of sister and brother Judy and Peter’s adventure playing the magical board game.

Billie Krishawn as Judy 5
The play’s premise: While their parents are out for the day, bickering and bored siblings Judy and Peter find an old board game left in the closet of their just-moved-in house. When they roll the dice, live animals and excitement emerge. But once the game begins, it must be completed. The show features strobe lights, light wind, water droplets and effects, and loudish sounds.

12-year-old Charlie: “I thought the guide’s humor was weird and funny, and I liked Peter’s sarcasm with his sister. That was believable. Also when the girl punched the shark, I read that’s what you’re really supposed to do.”

10-year-old Eve: “The way they showed the animals was really cool! I liked how they were very creative and different than just a person wearing a fuzzy costume.”

5-year-old Alice: “I liked the big sister, Judy. She was smart and beautiful. And I liked the snake, lion and the bubbles!”

Tickets are $19.50 each, children under the age of 1 are free. All performances will take place at Adventure Theatre MTC, 7300 MacArthur Blvd, Glen Echo, MD, 20812 in the historic Glen Echo Park.

See the show before it closes on August 28, 2016!

Get tickets.


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